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yeah i think its a possibility...but theres also the possiblity of that being signs of your period on its way...period and pregnancy are very similar...me and my husband are trying to conceive and i have all the symptoms you listed and yet I'm not pregnant...unless i tested to early..but i would get checked out..

I think you should see your doctor and have a blood test done. when I came off the depo I had alot of problems with my hormones. I either bleed everyother week or I didn't have a period. and I too had pregnancy signs but was not. It was due to my messed up hormones. A blood test can tell for sure if you are pregnant. Good luck

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Symptoms if u pregnant?

Light spotting and cramping, sore breasts, fatigue, morning sickness, a missed period, and mood swings are all signs of pregnancy.

What does cramping nausea and fatigue mean?

Cramping, nausea, and fatigue can be signs of pregnancy. These symptoms, along with tender, swollen breasts, and frequent urination are the first signs of pregnancy, after a missed period.

You do not get your period you have dizziness cramping extreme fatigue and nausea what might be wrong?

ure probably pregnant and that's not from personal experience but it seems like those are th effects

Can feel like the start of a period be signs of pregnancy?

Yes. Mild cramping, sore breasts, light spotting, every body getting on your nerves, fatigue. All signs that your period is coming, but it never does. Must be pregnant!

How do u know if your pregnant-?

You know you are pregnant if you experience the following early symptoms;breast changes,fatigue and Spotting and Cramping. Above all if you miss your periods it means you are pregnant.

Does herpes cause extreme fatigue?

Herpes can cause extreme fatigue.

How will I know if i am pregnant without a test?

You can tell you're pregnant by: Tender breasts Missed period Nausea Cramps Fatigue Cravings Headaches/Backaches

Are you pregnant if you are nauseous bloated cramping and sore breasts but still have had 1 period?

You could still be pregnant, as some women have bleeding throughout pregnancy, although it is slightly different to normal menstruation. I suggest you have a blood test at the doctors to find out whether or not you could be pregnant, especially if you begin to have other signs such as wierd food cravings, nausea and fatigue.

What changes are there on the earlier stages of pregnancy?

* missed period * swollen/tender breasts * change in color of the breasts (typically darker) * frequent urination * abdominal cramping * fatigue * being tired * nausea * backaches * headaches * food cravings

If you have Sensitive breasts paining nipples and fatigue could you be pregnant?

Yes, you could be. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your period

I have fatigue tender breasts and acid reflux can i be pregnant?

Those are both signs of pregnancy. Take a pregnancy test to find out.

What are early ways of knowing you're pregnant?

Missed period, swollen/tender breasts, fatigue, weight gain, morning sickness.

What is the difference between physical fatigue and phychological fatigue?

the difference between physical fatigue and psychological fatigue is that, physical fatigue is, extreme tiredness of the whole body, and psychological fatigue is, extreme tiredness caused by your mental state.

But does it mean that i'm pregnant?

The common signs of pregnancy include tender and swollen breasts, nausea, increased urination, fatigue, and food aversions.

How you know im pregnant in 7days?

You typically can't know if you're pregnant or not in just 7 days. Early pregnancy symptoms include fatigue, sore breasts and back pain.

What are the pregnant symptoms at 7 weeks?

Nausea, breast swelling / tenderness, headaches, minor cramping, fatigue. Some women have all the symptoms, some women have no symptoms.

What are some signs of being pregnant after giving birth?

I became pregnant 2 weeks after I gave birth to my son. My symptoms were EXTREME fatigue, tiredness, and a positive pregnancy test.

Symptoms of a pregnant woman?

Nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headache, tender breasts, fatigue. Some women have all these symptoms, some women have none.

What are some pregnancy symptoms that can occur as soon as a two weeks in pregnancy?

Cramping and fatigue. Possibly sore or tender breasts. It's different in every woman. Nausea also pops up in some women.

Unusually sore breasts and nipples and cramping and 5 days late period and nose bleed and frequent urination fatigue and 3 negative HPT can you still be pregnant?

you should probably go see a doctor and take a blood test since the other tests are negative. your hormones might be too low to detect it.

If its to early for a pregnancy test to say positive then is it to early to feel pregnant?

The answer is most definitely NO. Many noticeable changes can occur in a woman's body before the HCG horomone can be detected using a home pregnancy test. Some of these symptoms are diarrhea, tender breasts, fatigue and mild cramping. Take it from a three time mother!

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