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I don't know what you saw, but it certainly wasn't a sperm cell as they are the smallest cells in the body, i.e. microscopic.


LOL you can't see a sperm there so tiny what ever you saw it wasn't a sperm Go see a doctor

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Q: Could you be pregnant if you spotted pink blood and then later when you peed and a sperm cell came out with blood in it?
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Just had your period and it was brown and spotted and then a week later it came back and it was brown and spotted again what does this mean?

ur pregnant ur pregnant

Can you be pregnant if you spotted week one then 3 weeks later have a full period?

If you got your period, you're not pregnant

You had unprotected dex a day after period 3 days later im spotting blood could you be pregnant?


If you get your period and spot blood once almost 2 weeks later after unprotected sex are you pregnant?

Yes you could be pregnant. Take a test when you miss you period. It could be implantation bleeding.

You spotted brown for 4 weeks after the depo was out then you had a real period then two weeks later spotted more brown and now when your period was suppose to come you missed it Could you be pregnant?

The odds are you might be or just having a weird change in reproducing.

Had your period two days and at first pregnancy test was negative then ten hours later positive could you be pregnant?

yes you could be pregnant,.. use another test after a few days, or seek a blood test from a doctor

If you got a positive on a home pregnancy test then a week later spot light pink blood then bleed medium flow red blood for 3 days then back to light pink spotting could you still be pregnant?

Hello. Yes you could still be pregnant but because of the amount of bleeding you had, you really need to see your doctor for a blood test to see if you are still pregnant. ANSWER GO and see a doctor you might be having periods while pregnant

Lower abdomenal pains and pains around the navel could you be pregnant if your cycle was early and went off 2 days later with spotting afterwords?

Hello there - Yes you could be pregnant. Do a pregnancy test in a weeks time or alternatively, see your doctor for a blood test.

Im bleeding but its a week later then normal could i be pregnant?

no,u cant be.

If you take a blood test and it comes back positive and then 2 days later you take another blood test and it comes back negative could you still be pregnant?

False negatives are common, however, there is no false positive. It is best to get a blood test to be absolutely sure.

How many days later will the female hamster get pregnant after breeding?

The hamster could become pregnant afer 10-16 day's

Could you spot blood right after your period and may be pregnant?

if it was 2 -3 days after that's just the last bits of the period if its 11 days later or something that's implantation bleeding

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