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If you took 2 tests and they turned out positive but the urine test the dr took was negative, you could possibly have to have a blood test. Just wait a while. Just be patient. I know it's hard, but just try.

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Q: Could you be pregnant if you took two HPT which were positive but the urine test at the doctor was negative?
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You took a pregnancy test one was positive and three were negative could you be pregnant?

Possibly. I would go and see your doctor

Can you get a positive pregnancy test and then after two days later two negative tests?

yes you can, its called a false positive. However check with your doctor to see if you are pregnant as it could be that the negative tests were wrong.

Had your period two days and at first pregnancy test was negative then ten hours later positive could you be pregnant?

yes you could be pregnant,.. use another test after a few days, or seek a blood test from a doctor

Could you be pregnant if two home tests were negative but you have morning sickness?

yes you could still be pregnant see your doctor to confirm.

You were 5 wk pregnant then bled how will you know if still pregnant?

You could go to your doctor and they will do a blood test. Or you could take another home pregnancy test. If it is still positive you might be ok. If its negative you are likely losing the baby

After getting a positive reading in the morning and then a negative in the evening could I still be pregnant?

Yes, as these tests are never 100% accurate. I think it would be best if you consulted your doctor.

Could it still be possible to be pregnant after 3 positive tests 3 negative tests a negative blood test but no bleeding?

Well To Find Out That Answer Go See Your Doctor Thats All You Got To do Good Luck

You took 3 hpt all positive had test done at docs was negative now have crampy period like pains could you be pregnant?

Yes. You need to get another doctor to do another test, they are the most positive!

3 hpt all positive pregnancy symptoms but negative urine and blood test at doctor can you be pregnant im getting a belly?

have you been eating lots lately?????? that might be the answer there, just prue fat. if you still feel that you could be pregnant check with the doctor

My Last period was 6152010 took pregnancy test after i didnt start in July and it was negative took 5 in august and was positive?

Go to the doctor it sounds like you could be pregnant.

Could you still be pregnant if three home pregnancy tests were positive but a blood test at the doctor's was negative?

Yes. If even he said that you felt pregnant, there is most certainly a chance of being pregnant. Even a doctor administered test is not 100% accurate. Ask for another test. If he declines, have a pregnancy test at another doctor's.

If you have gotten 3 positive home pregnancy tests and 4 negative Is it possible you are still pregnant?

it would depend on what order the test results came in. if you had the positive tests fist then the negative then it could be you have had an early miscarrage. in which case you should see your doctor. if you had the negative tests first then the positive tests, then you more than likely are pregnant. in which case again see the doctor! it would be worth getting the doctor to run some bloods just to be on the safe side. i personally dont believe in a "false positive" result. unless its in the order as stated above.

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