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Could you be pregnant if your cervix is close soft and high AF is 3 days late?


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2015-07-15 21:06:11
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During pregnancy the cervix will rise and be softer and wetter, but when it happens is different for every woman. Of course when you ovulate this happens and sometimes comes right back down and gets harder right after ovulation, sometimes not until right before period. Take a test now, if still late in a week, take another.


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If you had unprotected sex it is possible you are pregnant, sperm can live for 5 days inside the upper cervix and uterus.

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question do you want to be pregnant and have you been trying to get pregnant take a blood test and let your GYN check your insides to feel your cervix that should help you out when your pregnant your cervix is soft and then can tell of it is close and the can meausure uters to tell of you are pregnant or not they can alos order ultrasound to see if your pregnant or not there could be a few things that not going right I dont want to scare you so go to the doctor to get some answers. I will give you the best honest answer I have.

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If you are at 36 weeks pregnant and having sharp vaginal pains, it could be caused by the cervix dilating. This can happen days or weeks prior to actual delivery.

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In general, sperm can live in the right environment for up to 5 days. The right environment would be inside the uterus and the cervix. In certain environments, such as the cervix, uterus and fallopian tubes sperm have a life-span of up to five days. That's why a woman can get pregnant if they ovulate within 5 days after intercourse.

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