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If you are having a period, you aren't pregnant. I was late two months in a row for no reason, I wasn't pregnant. It just happens sometimes.

Actually it IS possible to have a period and still be pregnant. Your bleeding would not actually be the egg releasing, but a shedding of your uterine lining, and you could still be pregnant. I asked my OBGYN this and she said it was possible to bleed and still be preggo.

Im 19yrs old and my mom had her period the entire time she was pregnant with me. Probabbly wondering why there's a 19yr old guy on here arent ya? Because my ex g/f is 8 days late on her period and we had sex a week or 2 befor her period was due and now shes late.. Wanting answers!

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Q: Could you be pregnant if your period came 8 days late and the next month it was 6 days late?
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I missed my period last month and it still hasn't came on this month could i be pregnant?


Could you be pregnant if you've been using birth control and you get your period on the same day every month but this month it came on a different day?

No you wont be pregnant.

Was on the depo for 6 years period was normal after you came off except for last month and this month you have all the symptopms could you be pregnant?

Yes it is possible you could be pregnant. Do a test hun.

What if your menstrual cycle came on the first week and it came back on at the end of the month could you be pregnant?

The arrival of your period is not a common sign of pregnancy. The most common reason to have a period at the beginning and the end of a calendar month is that the month had 31 days.

My normal period came could i still be pregnant?

It is extremely unlikely you are pregnant if you had a normal period. Missing a period is how you suspect you are pregnant.

Could you be pregnant if you missed you period 1 month and then came on the next and your having the symptoms of being pregnant but you urine test says negative?

no joymaker rn

You missed your period last month im never late it still hasent came could you be pregnant?

Yes - take a test

Your period has been late a couple of days and then you missed a whole month and then it came the next could you be pregnant?

take a pregnancy test

Could you be pregnant even if your period came on time but light then stopped?

How do you know if your pregrant if your period came on???

If your period came on the November 25 for one day and came back on November 29 could the person be pregnant?

Maybe. It sounds awkward in order for a person to be pregnant she would have to have her period every month and all the time. Plus there is the danger of having sex.

Your last period was red and brown this month it came 5 days early in is very light could you be pregnant?

no that's completely normal

You thought you were pregnant but then your period came 5 days early could you be pregnant?

the "period"you thought you were having could be implantation bleed so yes you could be pregnant. just do a pregnancy test.

Your boyfriend came on you two days after your period could you be pregnant?

on you? no

Can you get pregnant if you miss the last pill but came your period and he came inside?

If you forget to take you pill there is a chance that you could be pregnant.

What are the chances of getting pregnant right after your period if your boyfriend came in you?

You could be pregnant - take a test

You had abdominal surgery at the beginning of october and my period came on time but this month im 5 days late could you be pregnant?

abdominal surgery doesn't get you pregnant... neither do late periods for that matter

How likely are you to be pregnant if i was on and off the birth control pill but stopped a month before my boyfriend came in me but i also had my period the next month?

Having a period is a good indication that you are not pregnant, if you still have concerns take a pregnancy test.

Can you be pregnant if period came on first month and missed your period on the second month?

Yes I had my period 14th jan came off on 20th and by February 17th when i took a pregnancy test it said I was 2-3 weeks.. Iam now 3 months pregnant and I was on the pill If in doubt .. Do a test

Your boyfriend came inside you for a whole month does this mean you could be pregnant?

If you have had periods and have been having unprotected sex - then you certainly could be pregnant.

If You had a period just the 22nd of November and you came off the 25th Its now December you spotted the 2nd and the 4th of this month what could be wrong with you?

It may be possible that you could be pregnant. Follow the link on the left.

What if you get Implantation bleeding but get a period which came early 2 weeks after you got implantation bleeding?

If you get your period I do not believe it could have been implantation bleeding. You cannot get a period when you are pregnant. Any bleeding that you could have gotten would be implantation bleeding, which isn't very common, and you would not have gotten your period afterwards. No the above answer is wrong. You CAN get your period when you are pregnant. Not just once but every month. A woman in Canada just gave birth and didn't even know she was pregnant because she had a regular period every month, had no pregnancy symptoms and because she is a larger woman, could not see her stomach grow. Therefore, YES you CAN get pregnant and still have a period.

You took a pregnancy test and it was positive but then you came on your period could you be pregnant?


Could you be pregnant if your period came on in June but not in July?

Yes. Take a test

If your period was 1.5 weeks late but was normal once it finally came and you are pregnant the next month could you have been pregnant last month?

well if you were 1.5 wks late for your period and then became pregnant the next month then when you had your period it was probly the last one you were going to have it was probly your period stopping so yes you were probly pregnant but wouldn't know it or think about it if you had you period so it was probly just the period stopping.if you are still having it, it is still normal but the blood will become more brown than red so just keep an eye on it and call a doctor if it is different than normal because that would mean something could be seriously wrong.

I have had my period for this month and I think you may be pregnant because your boyfriend and you have not used any condoms at all and he came in me each time we've had intercourse?

u could still be pregnant ... go take a test asap

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