Could you be pregnant if your period came 8 days late and the next month it was 6 days late?

If you are having a period, you aren't pregnant. I was late two months in a row for no reason, I wasn't pregnant. It just happens sometimes.

Actually it IS possible to have a period and still be pregnant. Your bleeding would not actually be the egg releasing, but a shedding of your uterine lining, and you could still be pregnant. I asked my OBGYN this and she said it was possible to bleed and still be preggo.

Im 19yrs old and my mom had her period the entire time she was pregnant with me. Probabbly wondering why there's a 19yr old guy on here arent ya? Because my ex g/f is 8 days late on her period and we had sex a week or 2 befor her period was due and now shes late.. Wanting answers!