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Yes you can...I was pregnant and had my period for the first four months.. Not heavy bleeding, just spotting but it is possible. I would take a pregnancy test.

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Q: Could you be pregnant if your period is on its regular cycle the first month after sex but you miss it the next month?
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My last period was July 23 could i have been pregnant already?

if you have a regular cycle and this was a regular period same number of days and bleeding is the same as always. no u could have not gotten pregnant before July 23rd because if you were pregnant your period would not come on women with regular cycles typically ovulate 14 days before next cycle so this cuts ur period off.

Could you be pregnant with a normal cycle?

(I'm assuming you're referring to a period cycle). When one is pregnant they should not be having a period.

If you spotted the first two days of your cycle and had a normal period after could you be pregnant?

you are not supposed to have a period if you are pregnant.

Could you get pregnant on day 11 if your cycle is 32 days?

could i be pregnant if i had sex 10 days after my period if i have a 33 day cycle

What if I'm still coming on my cycle regularly am i pregnant?

If you have your regular period, you are not pregnant from any intercourse you had before that time.

Could someone get pregnant the day after the period cycle?


What if you dont get your period and youre not pregnant?

you could be chaning your cycle

Could I be pregnant if my period has been about 4 to 5 days late and my regular menstruation cycle is 26 to 27 days?

Yes. Take a test

Could a regular cycle of a menstrual period change to an irregular bleeder?


What are the chances of getting pregnant within two days of your period?

If your cycle is very regular,then your chances of getting pregnant within two days of your period are very slim.

Period came one day late I have regular 28 day cycle and no symptoms of pregnancy could I be pregnant?

You could be, but its also a sign you could be stressed or coming down with a cold or something similar...

Could you get pregnant if your on your period?

Yes. You can ovulate at any point during your cycle.

Can women be fertile 6days before a period is due?

if the woman has normal periods and cycles no she can not get pregnant 6 days before her period cause she will not be ovulating at this time u ovulate 14 days before ur next period if you are regular if you are irregular you can ovulate and get pregnant at anytime during your cycle. if your cycle comes on and is regular normal amount of bleeding and days u are not pregnant.

How early could you get pregnant after your period?

You can get pregnant any time in the monthly cycle, even when you're on your period because sometimes you begin ovulating while on your last period.

Can you have a regular period if you get pregnant 12 days before your cycle?

Yes you, your vigina still lets blood to flow.

You had 2 periods in 1 month 1 regular and the other light why?

you could be changing cycles. Every so often your cycle may change from the begin of the month to the middle or the end from which ever it was at.Or it a possible that you could be pregnanthere is my theory with the two periodslets say you have a 28 day cycleperiod come on April 1stit was regularnext period due April 28thno regular light couple days late (maybe)next period due May 26If you don't have a period the next month than your pregnantThis is with a 28 day cycleThe first day you period come on count to the next time it come on this will give you the amount of days in your cycle so you able to tell when your next period is due

I feel like I'm pregnant but my period on?

I was pregnant for 4 months, had my regular cycle, and was on birth control. The 4th month I finally missed a period and took an at home test. Boy was I surprised.

If you are expecting your period and you have a 25 to 29-day regular cycle and you feel vaginal cramps and sore nipples on the 29th day can you be pregnant?

You could be....take a test! Good luck!

If you got your period could you still be pregnant?

Some women go through an entire pregnancy not realizing they are pregnant until delivery, so it is plausible. If you are pregnant this 'period' might be different from your regular cycle (being shorter, lighter, longer etc). If you're concerned you might be pregnant take a pregnancy test and consult your doctor.

What is the likelihood of getting pregnant two days after your period?

60-90% probability depending on your menstrual cycle, the more regular your periods are, the more chances you could be pregnant since pregnancy can occur starting on the last day of your bleeding.

If i had pregnancy symptoms and can you still have a period?

as someone who works in the health profession, YES you can be pregnant and still get a period every 28-30 days. with a regular cycle

Can a woman become pregnant five days before her period?

If your cycle is regular, no you will not be ovulating 5 days before your period is due so no pregnancy is possible.

Could I be pregnant if I am having a cycle?

If you had sex yes you could be pregnant. A normal period is generally a sign that you are not pregnant but some women have periods throughout. Have a test done if you have any questions?

Does having a 2 day period mean you're pregnant?

No, because you could not be pregnant if you have already have had your period. Pregnancy stops you from having your period, so since you have had your period you have not become pregnant. Also, the menstrual cycle can last from 2-10 days.

My 13year old daughter is two weeks late with her period she has just stopped her antibiotics can this delay her period?

Your 13 year old daughter is pregnant. Stop fooling yourself. That ^ could be true, but her period might not be regular yet, the antibiotics, whatever they are for, could also have messed with her cycle. Check with a doctor.