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You could be. Being that far along, you should go see a physician. The rectal bleeding could possibly be a sign of hemorrhoids, either internal or external. It could also be a sign of something being wrong with your colon or digestive tract.

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Q: Could you be pregnant if your period is three months late and you have rectal bleeding?
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You have rectal bleeding what do you do?

If you have rectal bleeding you could be constipated. You should speak to a doctor to get a proper diagnosis.

What is this rectal bleeding?

Rectal bleeding is when you bleed from the anus, (rectum) (backside) the common cause of rectal bleeding is hemorrhoids (Pyle's) there are also many other causes of rectal bleeding so this must be diagnosed by a doctor as you would need to have serious issues discounted.

What is the medical term meaning rectal bleeding?

Hematochezia means bloody stools. Piles or hemorrhoids is one cause of rectal bleeding.

What is the icd9 code for rectal bleeding?


Can diverticulitis cause anus bleeding?

rectal bleeding can be a complication of diverticular disease.

What causes rectal bleeding in dogs?

Rectal bleeding in dogs is caused by a problem in the colon, rectum, or anus. There may be parasites, tumors, proctitis, or just mild constipation. Problems associated with the rectum, which can cause bleeding, are a rectal polyp, rectal tear, or a tumor. However, some less severe reasons for this issue can be constipation and colitis.

Can vegetable soup cause rectal bleeding?

Vegetable soup can sometimes cause you to have frequent bowel movements, which may cause some rectal bleeding due to irritation.

What causes rectal bleeding in a woman during a bowelmovement?

Most likely is it hemorrhoids, it's very common when pregnant or if you change your diet and eat a lot of fibres.

What are the causes of per rectal bleeding?

I am seeing some haevy rectal bleeding, heavy in consistency. I already had a colonoscopy this year, IBS was diagnosed, nothing else. should i worry?

Why does rectal bleeding occur when you sit down?

There are a few medical causes why rectal bleeding may occur when a person sits down. One reason could be hemorrhoids. A doctor will be the only person who can accurately diagnose the bleeding.

Can a tilted uterus cause rectal bleeding?

Ask a doctor.

How do you cure rectal bleeding in hamster?

Rectal bleeding is caused by damage to the blood vessels in the rectum or colon; treatment relies upon identifying what has caused the damage to the vessels and stopping that. However, rectal bleeding is generally not a good sign - one of the main causes of rectal bleeding is cancer of the pelvic canal that is spreading throughout the tissues in the area. A veterinarian can perform some basic diagnostic tests and start narrowing down the cause, which will then guide the appropriate treatment.

What would cause Kitten to have rectal bleeding?

my little bob tail kitten is 3 months old. her rectal is very swollen, she leaking, and there is a little blood. i have taken him to the vet twice ,and she said she can not find any thing wrong. we are both at the end of our rope.

Which branch of medical science is associated with rectal bleeding?


Can alcohol cause rectal bleeding?

If you are drinking too much, yes it can

Could having an ovarian cyst cause rectal bleeding?

Yes. Rectal bleeding may be a symptom of having an ovarian cyst. For more information on the symptoms of ovarian cysts, see the related link.

Can eating a lot of apples cause rectal bleeding?

No. They may cause constipation, which may cause you to apply way too much pressure when you try to relieve yourself, and that may cause rectal bleeding.

What is the standard of care for rectal bleeding post barium enema?


What causes rectal bleeding upon elimination and is something wrong if the blood is bright red and the toilet is full of this blood and I am not pregnant?

i had same problem and my doctor said it ws just hemrhoids.

What are some symptoms of Colon and Rectal Cancer?

Weakness, fatigue, unexplained weight loss, persistent abdominal discomfort, blood in your stool, and rectal bleeding are some symptoms of colon and rectal cancer.

Does diverticulitis cause bleeding?

About 25% of all patients with diverticulitis will have some rectal bleeding, although this rarely becomes severe

Can vomiting cause rectal bleeding?

Could happen if caused serious injuries...

What causes Rectal bleeding during a bowel movement?

Blood after bowel movment

Hamsters has rectal bleeding What is happening your hamster is bleeding a lot in her privates?

get her to the vet emmediately. it sounds serious! please dont let her suffer!

Why does extacy cause rectal bleeding?

I have never heard of this being associated with ecstasy use before, either through years of personal experience in the past or through literature review. After an additional two hours of literature review tonight, I was unable to find anything about Ecstasy causing rectal bleeding except from irritation caused by rectal administration.