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Could you be pregnant if your period is very light you have unusual cramps and your nipples hurt?


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Some women can have a period and still be pregnant. If you really think there is a chance, you need to break down and take a HPT.


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No your Period can be up and down and different cramps and heavy or light just because your period is light and not normal cramps does not mean you are pregnant. But if you start to feel sickness and your nipples are hard and pointy see a doctor to take a pregnancy test.

The usual signs of being pregnant are nausea, cramps , change of the nipples.

If you are pregnant you will not have your period

Yes, if you have cramps but no menstrual flow, you can be pregnant.

Throwing up due to cramps are not unusual when you have your period. It sounds completely normal. If you have your period you are not pregnant if that is what you meant.

Hello. Because you got your period then you definitely are not pregnant hun. Sore nipples are PMS symptoms and do come with having a period unfortunately. Even if its unusual for you, its because of the period.

your probably pregnant, cramping and sore nipples are the first symptoms of pregnancy. Buy a test and find out. Good luck

Possibly, Either home pregnancy test or go to the hospital.

If you have a normal period with normal flow you are not pregnant

No, you can have cramps and spotting at the time for your first period after conception but not full menstrual flow.

yes you can. some pregnancy cramps feel like period cramps.

No, not having cramps is normal and lucky. If your haveing a normal flow you aren't pregnant.

im 3 weeks pregnant right now, and my cramps just feel like period cramps.

Yes, but usually only at the time you would have had your first period after conception. After that it's normal to have pregnancy cramps but they're not normally menstrual cramps. If you are asking whether you can get pregnant during your period the answer is, it's very unlikely.

If you missed your period it's time for a home pregnancy test

It's very unlikely you will get pregnant on the second say after your period starts.

No, you cannot have periods after you are pregnant. You can have minor vaginal bleeding but it is not a full period flow.

Yes.Answer 2:If you are having a normal period with normal flow you are not pregnant.

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