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Could you be pregnant if your stomach is hard and your period is 5 days late and you started to have some spotting after your last period but all your tests came out negative?


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Yes you could be pregnant or it could be a hormonal problem.


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it is quite likely that if you are spotting blood and your stomach feels bigger then you are pregnant. spotting blood is often a sypmtom of early pregnancy. if your stomach feels bigger, it could be the result of numerous things such as bloating, weight gain or pregnancy. if this is happening to you then i highly suggest you do a pregnancy test.

Take a home pregnancy test. If you get a negative and still think you are pregnant I would call my doctor or clinic and ask for a blood test.

i have no period for 4 months now and i have 2 negative test i get pain and flutters in my stomach can i be pregnant

My period started but my nipples feel different and i cant strecth does that mean am pregnant?

It very well could be. But spotting and cramping don't sound right. I think you should try a home pregnancy test.

the same is for me.... i have been off for 9 weeks and i have been having them symptoms plus back pains and a lil spotting. i have taken 5 test and they all were negative. i think u and i are pregnant... get a blood test done.

If you have not missed your period and the pregnancy test is negative, then I would believe you are not pregnant.

You can be sure that you are not pregnant as all three tests were negative.

i am 5months pregnant lady. i am look at no pregnant or not stomach. what is the reason

well when i was spotting i felt a little sick to my stomach and it was a lighter shade than my regular flow

If you are on your period and have a negative pregnancy test - then you are not pregnant. You would not feel the fetus move until around the 20 week mark.

i think u are pregnant because if its hard to bend over and u havent had any periods.but if u really want to know if your pregnant then see if your stomach is hard then yeah and i have a Question can u suck in your stomach in when pregnant

Endometriosis, possible pelvic inflamatory disease, or a false negative on a pregnancy test. Consult your physician.

Can sucking in your stomach while pregnant be harmful?

If its early, sometimes the tests will be inaccurate. In fact sometimes blood tests can be inaccurate.

Take a pregnancy test to determine if you're pregnant while on the contraceptve implant. The implant does not affect the results of a pregnancy test. Pregnancy is very rare on the contraceptive implant and spotting and flutters are not signs of pregnancy.

im on the pill and had my period 3weeks ago last week i started having stomache pains then 2days later i started bleeding first lightly then heavier with stomache pains and back pains went to doctors after 4days of this they gave me antibiotics and something to stop the bleeding, took blood test urine test and internal examination but they don't know what it is

There is a small chance. You could re test in the morning since your body has all night to build up the pregnancy hormone (if any) so you should get a very accurate reading.

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