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Could you earn a living prospecting for gold?

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Yes, it is possible, but VERY difficult and arduous work.


It very much depends on how much money it takes to maintain your desired lifestyle. When i lived out of my van and had no children or wife i found it was very easy to earn a living. Once i got the experience i needed to know to learn how to "read the river"it was easy to make $150 to $400 per week just using a gold pan, sluice box and a small suction dredge (2 1/2 inch). The key is not to give up until you figure out what you are doing, then it gets fairly easy. Fun even.

It is tough in the beginning and it is very easy to give up. The rewards are there however if you stick with it.

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What is the best state to earn a living prospecting for gold?


What is gold fossicking?

Fossicking is an Australian and Cornish term for prospecting for precious metals or gems. Gold fossicking is prospecting for gold. There is a link below.

To search for gold?

The term for searching for gold is prospecting for gold.

What is another word for gold panning?

Gold prospecting

What does it mean to prospect for gold?

Prospecting for gold is like prospecting for anything else, be it a job or a spouse. A good gold prospector will do a lot of research before ever leaving his house. But once you find a likely place to look you go out with a gold pan or metal detector and take samples to try and locate a deposit of gold. This can happen with your first pan or it could take years or could never happen at all. In basic terms; Prospecting is the "search" for gold, Mining is the "extraction & processing" of gold. Hope this helps

Where can you earn a living prospecting for gold?

Without doubt, Kalgoorlie, Australia. I know someone who spent three months metal detecting there and found 11oz. 11oz for 3 months, that's about £8500, sounds better than working.

How did most colonists earn a living in Jamestown?

they looked for gold

What has the author Delos E Toole written?

Delos E. Toole has written: 'Gold nugget-teering and prospecting in Northern California' 'Where to find Yankee placer gold' -- subject(s): Gold mines and mining, Placer deposits 'Gold Nugget-Teering and Prospecting in Nevada' 'Where to find gold in Oregon' -- subject(s): Gold mines and mining, Prospecting

What is another word associated with finding gold?


What did people in 1849 look for in the mountains of California?

They were prospecting for gold.

What is a word for the act of searching for gold with 11 letters?


What has the author Forest John Swears Sur written?

Forest John Swears Sur has written: 'Placer gold mining & prospecting' -- subject- s -: Gold mines and mining, Prospecting, Gravel, Hydraulic mining

What has the author Verne Ballantyne written?

Verne Ballantyne has written: 'How and where to prospect for gold' -- subject(s): Gold, Prospecting

Was there gold in the Himalaya mountains?

Absolutely, the Chinese used to mine during the 1800's. Recreational prospecting still occurs there to this day. I have relatives that have found gold near the Himalayan Mountains. Check out my blog for more Gold Prospecting Tips as well as Gold Bearing Locations:

What is another name for panning for gold?

Another name for panning for gold is prospecting. People have panned for gold for centuries. It can be a fun family activity.

Where can you purchase gold prospecting equipment?

You can purchase a lot of gold prospecting equipment online at Amazon, though if you don't feel comfortable buying things online, go to your local prospecting equipment stores. Having a physical idea of what your purchasing is always better than buying something online and hoping that you'll get what you pay for.

How much gold is discovered in gold prospecting today?

It mainly depends where you are prospecting, experience and what tools you are using. If you use a sluicebox, you can move more material ( dirt, sand, etc.) through it in a days time than you can just using a Gold pan.Other tools like a gold dredge allow you to process even more material. Where you prospect also has a huge bearing on what you will find. If you are prospecting in an area known for Gold, you will probably come home with more than if you are in an area where none has been found before. Technique is another factor. If you have never been Panning or Gold prospecting before, I suggest you either study up, read articles online, watch video's and practice using ball bearings in dirt or take a trip out with a gold panning adventure company. There they will have all the equipment, take you to a Gold bearing area and instruct you on how to find Gold.

What has the author Walter Guppy written?

Walter Guppy has written: 'A place for gold' -- subject(s): Gold discoveries, Gold mines and mining, Prospecting 'Bushbums and Buzzbombs'

How do you earn gold in indestructible?

You earn it by earning it.

Where in Canada did people go to search for gold in 1898?

During the Klondike Gold Rush (or Yukon Gold Rush), there was massive immigration and gold prospecting along the Dawson River in the Yukon Territory, in Northwestern Canada.

About Edward hargreaves?

Edward Hargraves was responsible for starting the Australian gold rush in 1851. He also participated in the California gold rush, however his prospecting there was unsuccessful.

What is the element used to analyze ores for gold and silver?

Californium (Cf) is an element in the actinide series who's most common use is in gold and silver prospecting.

What year was the California gold rush start?

1849, giving rise to the term 49'er, meaning someone who went to make their fortune prospecting for gold.

What river in Alaska was the focus of much gold prospecting in the late 19th and early 20th centuries?

The Yukon River.

Is gold mining a sport?

I think it is just an activity of prospecting, different from a sport, which intends to improve people's heath.

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