Could you explain this quote and translate the meaning in modern terms as well as its meaning to people in Homer's time?

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Here is the quote- "Two dozen four-wheeled wagons, with heaving wagon teams could not have stirred the tonnage of that rock from where he wedged it over the door sill."
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In elementary terms explain hypothetical mean?

Answer . This answer is for a child to understand. Children like to play the "what if" game.What if Superman and Spiderman were in a fight, who do you think would win?Hypothetical basically means "What if" or "Let's suppose".So you could say, "Hypothetically, what do you think would happen ( Full Answer )

What does the term 'in timely fashion' mean?

Answer . It means in a reasonable, acceptable mount of time. For example, if a friend calls you and you don't call them back for a week, you did not call back in a timely fashion.

What are the meanings of quotes?

the meanings of quotes are to express how you feel while giving a little advice, for example the quote "leave today with no regrets" means that you should live your life to the fullest and at the end of the day look back and say i did this and i am happy i did.

Explain what the term Bobby on the beat means?

The Metropolitan Police Force was established in London, England in the 1830's by Sir Robert Peel and were nicknamed "Bobbies" because of his first name.. A police officer's "beat" is the area which he patrols, usually a block of city streets.. So, a bobby on the beat is a police officer on foot p ( Full Answer )

What does this quote from 'A Separate Peace' mean 'You headed back through the mud you were drenched anybody could see it was time to come in out of the rain'?

Read the passage over and over to yourself. Break down each line and try to get an understand of what it means. When I read over it, I think that it simply means this:. Headed back through the mud= went back into the dirty hard times. You were drenched= you were covered and had enough. Anybody co ( Full Answer )

What does the term 'in a timely manner' mean?

It means to do something reasonably quickly, or when it should bedone. This may be relative to what the task/request it's referring to.For example, a timely manner for a pizza delivery might be 30minutes. A timely manner to return a book you have borrowed from afriend might be a month or 2.

What do Homer's stories mean?

Homer's Iliad and Odyssey appear likely to have been written, in something like the form we now have, in the last half of the eighth century BCE. However, the first written versions that we have any evidence for were produced in Athens in the sixth century BCE. The stories show evidence of havin ( Full Answer )

What does quote mean?

The word quote means to name the price of something. It can also mean to say something. e.g. He said he could quote what happened in the car crash.

What is the meaning of quotes?

The meaning of quotes is to give someone the credit for saying a certain phrase or sentence, or even paragraph, in a piece of writing.. Unless you were talking about the symbols "", then they are there to show that someone is speaking in a story.

What quote mean?

A quote means it is something you either 1: use in reports from somebody who said the exact words. Or 2: the two things you use in sentences when someone is speaking. EX41: I had a dream." Martin Luther King. Ex42: maery said ," My mom is taking me to Six Flags, would you like to come STeve?". (_=1 ( Full Answer )

Explain the meaning of term organisationl culture?

There are different cultures in the group we belong to. I.E. you have a different culture at home than you do with your friends, likewise than you do at work.. Organizational culture refers to the way in which people interact with one another in the workplace, i.e. if telling jokes is acceptable, t ( Full Answer )

Explain the meaning of the term family planning?

Family panning refers to the idea that a couple should use birth control most of the time, and only stop using it when they feel they are ready to have another child.

Explain what the term checks and balances means?

Checks and balances is a term referring to the distribution of power between different branches of government; In the US these branches are the Judicial Branch, the Legislative Branch, and the Executive Branch. Each branch of the government has powers (checks and balances) that prevent the other ( Full Answer )

Explain what the term 'data' means?

Data is a small unit of information, a set of facts. If your address was the information wanted, then the street or city or zip or country would be a data point within that.

What does modern time mean?

It varies. Technically speaking history is divided into ancient, medieval (or middle) and modern. Modern in that sense would be any point past the 16th century.. However sometimes we use it to refer to 'the present generation', and sometimes 'to this decade'.. To complicate matters even more we ca ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of this quote Psychology which explains everything explains nothing and you are still in doubt?

where did you find the quote it be easier to answer in a context.. I find that overall if something explain everything usually explains nothing because it itself is not explained. Doubt is something we cannot simply avoid. Certainty is possessing all knowledge or being error proof. We can feel cert ( Full Answer )

Explain what wellness means?

, Wellness means the state that your mind and body are in. If you are comfortable psychologically and emotionally and you find yourself at a perfect level of "zen", it is said that your mind is well. Also, if you keep your body healthy and functioning as it should and are taking the preventative s ( Full Answer )

What term means rule by the people?

Usually it means democracy or "power to the people." Note: The U.S. is not a democracy but is a republic. This a common misconception.

Explain what the term telemedicine means?

Telemedicine is a rapidly developing application of clinical medicine where medical information is transferred through interactive audiovisual media for the purpose of consulting, and sometimes remote medical procedures or examinations. Telemedicine may be as simple as two health professionals disc ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of the term screen time?

Screen time can refer to the amount of time that an actor is on-screen in a movie or TV show. For example, an actor might film five scenes, but only one of them will make it to the final version of the film. The other four are cut. The actor might then complain that, "I didn't get enough screen tim ( Full Answer )

What does this quote mean?

beyond the fence stand the lords of death not far away the train iswaiting... what does this mean?

What does quote on quote mean?

"Quote unquote" is a phrase used to place verbal quotation marks around the following word, usually to convey scepticism about the validity or truth of that phrase. "According to PETA quote unquote 'experts', eating meat is bad for you."

What is the medical term meaning not feeling well?

If it were a general state of feeling unwell a term often used is malaise. It doesn't specifically refer to a particular complaint, it is used for those who say they feel unwell. The medical term of generally feeling bad is malaise. Malaise is the medical term used to describe a general "run down" f ( Full Answer )

What term means in time order?

In order to answer your question, we need to understand the context. The term "time order," or possibly "in time order," can mean different things. I've provided two of the most common meanings of the term here: 1. If we are discussing "time order" in regard to financial markets and investments, ( Full Answer )

What does the term MMS mean in modern society?

MMS stands for a number of things, but it could stand for Masters of Management Science, Mexican Meteorological Service, or Micro Mass Spectrometer, among other things, depending on the context.

What is mean by the term lead time?

Lead time means a couple different things depending on context, it can mean something such as in journalism it means the time between receiving a writing assignment to completing it. In manufacturing, lead time is comprised into three subcategories, preprocessing lead time, processing leadtime and p ( Full Answer )

What does the term 'Time Attack' mean?

Time Attack is a commonly used term in Japan for individual time trial events for motor vehicles that involve a vehicle running around the circuit instead of a qualifying lap.