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The problem for nitric acid (HNO3). Molar mass would be 63.02g/mol

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Find out the chemical formula of hydrochloric acid sulfuric acid and nitric acid?

hydrochloric acid (HCl)Sulfuric acid (H2SO4)Nitric Acid (HNO3)

What household products can you find nitric acid in?

You will not find Nitric Acid in any household products because it is rather too dangerous and unstable.

What three acids can you find in a chemistry lab?

sulphuric acid hydrochloric acid nitric acid

What acids do you find around home?

Sulfuric acid, acetic acid, hydrochloric acid, acetylsalicylic acid, nitric acid, tartaric acid, citric acid, etc.

Three common acids you might find in a lab?

Hydrochloric, sulfuric and nitric acid

Nitric acid ph?

The pH of an acid depends on its concentration. pH stands for the -log of the concentration of H+ ions. Nitric acid is a strong acid, so it completely dissociates in water. You can tell if an acid is strong or not by the number of Hs and Os. If it has at least 2 more Hs than Os, it is a strong acid. The chemical formula of Nitric acid is HNO3, so it is strong. Because HNO3 is a strong acid, every mole of it dissolved results in one mole of H+ . So to find the pH of a given concentration of HNO3, you need only find the -log of the concentration. You can do this with any calculator. For example, the pH of .25M Nitric acid would be 0.60.

Could you find molar mass for zinc oxide?

The problems is this zinc oxide (ZnO) find molar mass?The molar mass is 81.39 g/mol for (ZnO).

What test could you use to find out if oxygen gas is present?

You could use spectroscopy as a definite method, or you could use an oxidizing agent that reacts with O2 (Oxygen), such as Iron, Nitric Acid, or halogen compounds.

How much do nitric acid test kits cost?

hi its not easy to find out check online!

Could you find molar mass for ammonium nitrate?

The problem is this ammonium nitrate (NH4NO3) find molar mass? The molar mass is 80.05g/mol for (NH4NO3).Hope it helps.

What acids are chemicals?

All acids are chemicals the most common acids you will find at school are: hydrochloric acid (HCl) nitric acid(HNO3) sulphuric acid (H2SO4)

How many moles are in acetylsalicylic acid?

The molar mass of acetylsalicylic acid is 180.157 g/mol. There is a calculation involved in order to find the number of moles in a sample of ASA in which you divide the mass of your sample with the molar mass.

Where do you find nitric acid?

A laboratory supply company such as Fisher or Sargent-Welch. Be warned they don't usually sell to individuals.

What is the pH of a solution that contains 1.32 grams of nitric acid dissolved in 750 milliters of water?

Two steps. Find molarity of nitric acid and need moles HNO3.Then find pH. 1.32 grams HNO3 (1 mole HNO3/63.018 grams) = 0.020946 moles nitric acid ------------------------------------- Molarity = moles of solute/Liters of solution ( 750 milliliters = 0.750 Liters ) Molarity = 0.020946 moles HNO3/0.750 Liters = 0.027928 M HNO3 ----------------------------------finally, - log(0.027928 M HNO3) = 1.55 pH ==========( could call it 1.6 pH )

Formula for nitrous acid?

The easiest thing to do is memorize the formula for all the -ic acids, then subtract one oxygen to find the -ous acids. In this case, nitric acid is HNO3, so nitrous acid is HNO2.

A 0.361 molar solution of the weak acid HA with a pKa of 4.039 is titrated with a 0.163 molar solution of NaOH. What is the pH of the solution at the equivalence point of this titration?

You need to know the volume of the weak acid being titrated so you can find how many moles of base are needed to match that of the acid.

What is the molar mass of C3 H8?

to find molar mass you add the molar mass of the carbons 3(amu)+ molar mass of the hydrogens 8(amu) to find molar mass you add the molar mass of the carbons 3(amu)+ molar mass of the hydrogens 8(amu)

By titration 15 mL of 0.1008 M NaOH is required to neutralize a 0.2053 g sample of an organic monoprotic acid How do you find the molar mass of the acid with this information?

molar mass = mass / moles Molarity = mole of solute/ L of solution Therefore, mole of solute = 0.1008 M * 0.0150 L = 0.001512 mole molar mass of unknown acid= 0.2053g / 0.001512 mol =136 g/mol

How to find the percent of water in a hydrate?

1. Find the molar mass of the hydrate.Find the molar mass of the water molecules (18.01528 x # water molecules) and of the anhydrate; add the values together to find the molar mass of the hydrate.Molar Mass Water + Molar Mass Anhydrate = Molar Mass Hydrate2. Find the percent of water in hydrate.Divide the molar mass of water by the molar mass of hydrate; multiply by 100%.- Mass waterMass hydrate x 100%

The solid acid is dissolved in 100 mL of deionized water followed by 10mL of ethanol How does this added volume affect the reported molar mass of the weak?

The added ethanol will not affect the pH whatsoever, due to the fact that ethanol cannot donate hydrogen ions or accept them. The added volume will, however, not affect the molar mass of the acid that you will report from the analyses. You use the volume of base that is used to titrate the acid to find the moles of acid and base at stoichiometric point so the added volume will not affect the molar mass.

What is the pH of 150000 L of a solution containing 45 grams of nitric acid and 998 grams of hydrobromic acid?

Nitric acid and hydrobromic acid are both "strong acids", so you can treat them as dissociated completely, especially at such a low concentration.Let's do some calculations and find out what the pH is.998 grams of HBr (80.91 g/mol) is 12.3 moles.45 grams of HNO3 (63.01 g/mol) is 0.71 moles.So total that's 13.0 moles of acid. Divided by 150000 L, that's 8.7x10-5 molar, so the pH will be the negative log of that, or about 4.

Find the molar mass of NaCl?

what is the molar mass for NaC1 !!!???!!!???!!!??? --- The molar mass of sodium chloride (NaCl) is 57,958 622 382.

How do you find a molar mass of an element?

Molar mass is a term applied for molecules, not for atoms.

How do you find the molar mass of an elemnt?

Molar mass is a term applied for molecules, not for atoms.

How do you find the molar mass of an atom?

Molar mass is a term applied for molecules, not for atoms.

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