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No. Cingular/AT&T use the GSM network and Sprint uses CDMA. A Verizon phone could be used with a Sprint plan but Verizon customer service will have to give an unlock code.

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Yes, but you would need to contact Sprint. However, I wouldn't recommend that since you can get a NEW free phone when you sign up for a Sprint plan.

No; the networks used by Cingular (now AT&T) and Verizon Wireless are incompatible.

The option to change your plan online varies from phone service to phone service. Sprint has the option of Changing your plan online as does Verizon.

The cheapest Sprint cellular plan I could find is that you get your phone free and you pay a total of $29.99 for 200 minutes for a basic phone only. $19.99 for Sprint Phone Connect a mobile land line replacement device. As cheap as $5 for 25 MB on an IPad. $80 for any smart phone.

Yes, you can purchase a Sprint phone and get a pay as you go plan to avoid having to deal with the expenses of a plan from Sprint. This way, you can pay what you can afford and only for what you want.

They do but the plans can be quite expensive. I would know, I have a sprint phone.

No, AT&T Phones are not compatible with Sprint service.

A mobile phone carrier is what company u have your phone plan under. It can be t-mobile, cingular, ATnT, and others.

Sorry, OnStar can be activated with a Verizon phone. The OnStar phone can be added to a family plan as a family phone.

I would say all the cingular phones have great plans, but it depends on the plan you want for it, how many minutes, how much texting and most importantly the cost.

dose a sprint phone have a prepaid phone, casue I tried to lok, on online n I can't find any.

Yes, Sprint offers a prepaid cell phone plan, it's called Boost Mobile. You can find out more on yes sprint offers prepaid phone.

You can in almost any place for example : sprint, T - Mobile, Attel, Cingular, Verizon, and more... Ebay too. Almost everywhere. I recommend you to buy it in it has everyting its very good.

If you are talking about using your Sprint mobile phone service to access the internet on your computer the answer depends on your service plan and your cell phone. If you have the right phone and service it is possible to tether your phone to your PC in order to acess the internet. The best way to find out if you can do it with your phone, plan and computer is to check with your local Sprint store or go to

There are several phone plants for students available at Sprint. One can choose a 2 year contract and Individual plan or Family plan. Also one can choose to use a prepaid plan with no contract.

I have a prepaid phone. When I had a cellular plan it was for two years. I have had a cell phone plan for almost 10 years. I had one plan for a year, another for 8 years, and I am almost at a year with my newest plan with Sprint.

The advantages of using a cingular mobile phone is that you are connecting to one of the worlds largest phone networks providing access to many millions of customers. The latest phones are available and there are many choices of price plan.

Sprint offers many inexpensive cell phone plans. The least expensive being their 200 minute plan that is $29.99. Their unlimited calling/texting plan is low for industry prices at only $99.99

If you are looking for a cheap phone plan Sprint has just that. You will receive 200 minutes a month, as well as free night and weekend minutes for the very low price of $29.99.

It is practically impossible to pre-pay for a Sprint Sero plan, since the phone would need to be ported to a pre-paid phone in order to transfer the telephone number over.

Sprint wireless is a wireless phone company. It is similar to AT&T, Verizon and T Mobile. You can purchase a wireless phone and a phone plan from their home page.

The advantages of purchasing a refurbished Sprint phone would be that the cell phone policy would be renewed and the plan that you would normally pay would be over.

If you are looking for a cheaper plan than you should go with Sprint. If you want better relabilty in service plan then you should choose Verizon

Many of the most Cingular Cellular plans switched to AT&T. It is basically the same cell phone provider in the US, but it is just being called a different name now.

It depends on what kind of 'slide' phone you are looking for. Smart phones with a two year agreement/plan are usually around $49 or $99. This counts for AT&T only. I am not sure about verizon, Cingular, or sprint phones. You can go to their home pages though! and/or

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