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could you get pregnant if you have not gotten your period for 2 months?

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yes because you could have gotten pregnant before your Tubaligation. It depends when you had your Tubaligation

No. If you were pregnant you would'nt have gotten your period at all.

It is possible but many women don't have periods while on the shot.

Are you sure your not pregnant? Depends on your age. Your breasts could be beginning to grow if you are very young, or if you've gotten your period and are sexual active, you could be pregnant.

Do you happen to have an eating disorder/gotten under weight in a short amount of time? This can cause you to lose your period. You could also be pregnant? I'd suggest seeing a doctor.

if you have not had a period since then you could be 2 1/2 months pregnant, you can get a pregnancy test kit at the drugstore

If I had sex the day before i got my period and just so hapen would have gotten pregnant. But then got my period the next day. Could i still be pregnant?

No. If you are pregnant, your period will not come until you have had the baby.

Could I be pregnant because I received my last depo-shot six months ago and havent had a period?

If your period is irregular it could miss a couple of months but if it is regular it should not unless you are pregnant

Yes, it is possible that you could but you consult a doctor about it.

stress It very well could be a disease. If someone hasn't had their period in 6 months you should get it checked out if you weren't pregnant.

Getting pregnant requires sexual union (or artificial insemination). If you have had either you can get pregnant.

Yes I think you could have a full periond and be pregnant and not skip any months

Of course you can. That means you skipped your period for almost two months, you can almost certainly be pregnant.

maybe your pregnant have you took a test

Well I am sorry sweetie but I am not a doctor but I could tell you that if you haven't gotten your period in 6 months its time to do something about it! I would go to the store and buy a pregnancy test to see if you are pregnant! And if you are pregnant or not you need to be seen by a doctor asap! If you are not pregnant there are many disease or even cancer that may make you not have a period so you really need to get a pap smear! So I say just make an appt with your doctor if you don't have insurance there is the health department that will help you! YOU REALLY NEED TO BE SEEN BY A DOCTOR IF YOU ARE PREGNANT OR NOT! I hope this helps and I wish the best for you!

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