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You can get pregnant whilst on the pill, but it is very unlikely.


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If you are on the pill and used a condom then it's very unlikely that you're pregnant

If you are on the pill and have diarrhea there can be a disturbance in the process of the pill , so if you have had sex in the middle of the disturbance there is a possible chance you could be pregnant!

If you forget to take you pill there is a chance that you could be pregnant.

The chance of becoming pregnant while on the pill is less than 1% with perfect use (never missing a pill and taking the pill at the same time every day). With typical use, the chance is around 3%. So the likelihood of becoming pregnant while on the pill, but while not using a condom, is very low.

Erm, the pill could not be working and you might be pregnant?

Luckily you are on the pill for double protection as the pill is 98% safe. So you should not be pregnant?

Ideally, you do not ovulate while taking the pill. If you are actually ovulating while on a birth control pill (it can happen), then yes, you could become pregnant.

I would say it is 98% unlikely to get pregnant 2 days before you period while you're on the pill and using protection.

You can always get pregnant while using birth control, but after the first week of taking the pill, if you're using it correctly, you have the full protection from the pill.

yes it can. you can get preg when not on the pill but when your on the pill and preg it could kill your baby

Yes. It is possible for you to be pregnant if you haven't been taking the pill regularly.

You could be pregnant and or it could just be the wrong pill for you ocall y our dctors and get it checked out

using contraception. eg; condoms, 'the rod', the pill or you could see a health advisor for different answers

If you change to the pill immediately after the implant, you are not likely to be pregnant.

If you're not using anything to prevent pregnancy, you may be pregnant. Take a test to check.

The spotting was break through bleeding because you missed the pill for 4 days. Because you missed the pill you did put yourself at risk of pregnancy so yes you could be pregnant.

Possible but highly unlikely if you are using the pill properly. The pill is 99% effective when used correctly.

If you change to the pill immediately after the implant, you are not likely to be pregnant.

Defintitly you could be pregnat, if you could you should have taken the moring after pill. and why are you taking the pill anyway if you forget to take it?

unfortunately yes there is a risk that you could be ovulating at that time and get pregnant.

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