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The US Dept. of Labor says that you must be unemployed Through no fault of your own and that is determined by particular State laws. Depending on that state law, to quit to move somewhere else is not "through no fault of your own". Some states do allow unemployment benefits if you quit for non-job related reasons (i.e. spouse relocation, military, domestic violence issues, etc.) The Related Link below gives many facts about unemployment laws and rules. Mainly, check with your own State's unemployment office for clarification in you. state.


I don't know about your state. But here in NC if you quit your job, your are not eligible for any unemployment. You are eligible only if you are fired or laid off.


First of all that wouldn't really be honest and second i think it would depend on the state


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Q: Could you get unemployment benefits if you quit your job to move to another state?
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What if your unemployment benefits expires in one State and you move to another state to look for work can you file for unemployment benefits in that state?

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If you were in another state and your unemployment benefits ran out and you wanted to extend benefits from another state what do you do?

you sign up in the state your in if you plan to stay there

Are unemployment benefits from one state taxable in another state?

No, those are state tax benefits that can only be taxed by the state you live in.

Can you get unemployment if you move with family to another state from California?

If you were collecting unemployment benefits in one state and are eligible to continue collecting them but move to another state then you should still be able to collect unemployment but you must apply for unemployment in the new state you are moving to.

Can you get unemployment benefits if you quit your job and move to another state?

In most States if you quit your job voluntarily you aren't eligible for unemployment benefits.

Do you claim unemployment in the state of the company or your residency?

The state you perform your work in is the "liable state", the state that pays your unemployment benefits. No matter whether you live in the state you work in, or even if the company's headquarters are in another, you get your benefits from where you work.

If you were laid off in Texas can you move to another state and collect unemployment benefits?

If you qualified, you can collect unemployment from Texas, the "liable state", but not from the state you move to.

Can a military spouse collect unemployment benefits from Missouri if the family has to relocate to another state?

You might want to call a lawyer or whoever is giving you the unemployment benefits. My best guess is no because you are leaving the state so you must apply for unemployment benefits for the state you relocate in. Keep on striving!

Can you collect unemployment from Massachusetts when you move to another state?

If you qualify for unemployment benefits from Massachusetts, then you can continue to collect from them if you follow their instructions for your move out of state.

Must you be a legal resident to collect unemployment insurance?

Yes, illegal immigrants are ineligible for benefits. However, you can be a legal resident in one state, work in another state and be eligible for unemployment benefits from the state you WORK in.

Can you receive unemployment benefits if you are with Americorps?

It depends on the state you are receiving unemployment benefits from. In my state, North Carolina, the answer is no.

Can you transfer unemployment benefits to another state?

You can continue to receive unemployment benefits upon moving to another state, providing you notified the state's employment security office of the state you moved from (called the 'liable state') and continued to comply with its requirements regarding the move. However, the state you move to has no obligation to pay you from its funds.

If you are on unemployment benefits in one state can that state make you open a claim in another state?

Only states that are liable (work was performed in them) are responsible for unemployment claims. If you worked in more than one state during the base period, the first liable state can require you to file partial unemployment in another state you worked in, to share the total unemployment benefit. The particulars depend on the states involved as each state has its own rules and regulations pertaining to benefits.

How long must an employer pay unemployment benefits in Illlinois for a terminated eemployee?

The employer does not pay unemployment benefits. The employer pays unemployment insurance premiums to the State of lllinois. When the employee is terminated, the employee applies for unemployment benefits with the State of Illinois. The state determines if the employee is eligible for benefits and, if the employee is awarded benefits, those benefits are paid and monitored by the State of Illinois.

Where can I get unemployment benefits?

Requirements for unemployment vary from state to state. Contact your state's job and family services department in order to determined if you are eligible for unemployment benefits. During your consultation you can also begin the preliminary application for benefits.

Can an employer deny unemployment benefits if an employee is out due to medical reasons in Rhode Island?

An employer can't deny unemployment benefits; only your state's unemployment office and approve or deny unemployment benefits. It's up you state to determine if you are eligible to receive benefits.

Can a person from one state apply for unemployment in another state?

Only the "liable state" pays the benefits. That is the state where you worked when you lost your job. You can apply through another "agency state" to help in receiving those benefits from the liable state, however.

Can you receive unemployment benefits based on employment in another state?

Yes, at least in Oregon and New Jersey. Go to the unemployment office and ask about it.

Are unemployment benefits effected by Social Security benefits in Arkansas or Iowa?

No. Neither state offsets unemployment benefits by the Social Security benefits.

How are unemployment benefits paid for?

The business pays a payroll tax to the state, which in turn pays the unemployment benefits.

How much will you get paid for unemployment?

Unemployment benefits vary, baed on the wages you were making, and the benefits in your state. You will need to check with your state employment agency.

Where do you apply for unemployment benefits in Minnesota?

At your local state's unemployment office.

How do you get your 1099 from unemployment benefits for 2009?

Contact your state unemployment office.

Can you transfer unemployment benefits from Florida to Virginia?

You could file for unemployment in Virginia, but under the interstate unemployment benefits program, only the "liable" state, Florida in this case would be obligated to pay, and under the terms and conditions of its laws.

Can Texas unemployment benefits be garnished by the state of Arizona?

If you are a resident of AZ, and collecting unemployment benefits from both AZ and TX, AZ could possibly garnish the TX benefits to help defray their costs.

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