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This is a cliche, but, it appears she's very unhappy in the marriage, is trying to find herself and has decided to try something new and different. It isn't uncommon for some women to find out they just don't seem to connect with men and end up with another woman. It's possible she comes to realize she isn't a lesbian, but it's a risk. If she hasn't contacted you and given you any indication she is coming back then it's doubtful and you should move on. Of course it would only be right that your teenage sons get to see her only if they want too. Remember, your sons are caught in the middle so no matter how hurt or upset you are at her choice of a new mate try to remain calm and not let your feelings confuse your teenage sons. She is still their mother. If you don't want your sons seeing her with her female partner then you can arrange something else so your wife is alone with her sons or you are present.

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What does it mean when a female says she has a friend girl?

It could be she is a lesbian and has a lover,or it could be she has a friend who is a girl and nothing more.

If you are a lesbian and you have a best friend that acts a lot like she is a lesbian and you like her what do you do?

Well, first of all, you want to make SURE that your best friend is showing signs of a lesbian. If not, you could take a risk by confronting her and telling her how you feel. What are the risks of telling my best friend I am a lesbian? A question most people would ask, most likely. You could end up making her feel uncomfortable around you, and basically losing your friendship, if she turns out not being a lesbian. But, if your best friend was a true friend, she would understand the way you are and still be your best friend, even though she may not be a lesbian. Possibilities: She could be BI. (Someone who is interested in both genders.) Which means she could show signs of being a lesbian, but is not fully interested in that one gender (girls.) she could also be intersted in men. If I were you, I would make sure that she was a lesbian, or BI, before putting your friendship on the line. This is coming from me, my opinion only: If I were your best friend, I would feel a little upset, since I am not lesbian and all. I have a lesbian friend and she knows for a fact that I am NOT lesbian or BI. But, she still feels feelings for me. This upsets me because she should know, that knowing her for many years, I would probably feel the slightest of uneasy or feel uncomfortable, (Not that I don't love her, family wise.), and yet she still goes and confesses her feelings to me and hopes that I feel that in return. It angers me that even though she knows I am not like that, she still shows her feelings towards me, which obviously (probably in any friendship) would drive a tiny wedge between the two friends. The above is just an explanation of what a real friend in this situation feels. I hope this is not what your friend will feel when and if you confess to her.

Could your friend be a lesbian without knowing?

err...without you knowing or your friend knowing>?? she cant be a lesbian without knowing...attraction comes naturally, she has to know - she can always go to a strip club and check if she gets horny. however she doesnt have to tell you.

What do you do if you think your best friend is a lesbian?

As long as your friend has just been a good friend to you and has not tried to entice you into a lesbian relationship then her sexual preference should not stop you from being friends. Being best friends means you stand up for each other so if you are afraid that being with your best friend who is a lesbian may rub off on you (a myth) or that your other friends may think you are a lesbian because you hang out with her then stand strong and don't let a good friend get away because of their sexual preference. If you are not sure they are a lesbian then continue on with the friendship and stop guessing as to whether she is a lesbian or not. Society has a bad habit of labeling people with the wrong label. Example: Your best friend hangs out with only women and you don't see her date. This does not necessarily mean she is a lesbian, but could simply be shy or is not ready to date because she hasn't found the right person.

What does it mean when a teenage boy says you're pretty?

Depends. He could be calling you pretty in a friend way, or he could mean that hes attracted to you and likes you ^^

What should you do when your teenage friend has gone boy-crazy?

What to do when your teenage friend has gone boy-crazy is simple but also tricky. One should be truly your friend to listen to you advise because that is all they need to hear. Advise them about the disadvantages of being boy-crazy where she could be raped or even get impregnated, make them see being boy-crazy the way you see it find ways to get them some counseling from an expert if they continue being boy crazy. Also you could Involve other friends to help out in order to restore the sanity of your teenage friend that's if things have failed to get back to normal after you try taking her out of her ways and craziness

Is Cheryl Cole a lesbian?

She could be. Who knows?

What should you buy your teenage female friend for her 16th birthday?

you could get one of those visa gift cards - from the post office, or a voucher for like itunes?

Are you a lesbian if you fancy your best friend?

well, if ur a girl and ur friend is a girl, maybe. you could be bisexual, though. but don't be in denial!! it also depends on what u mean by fancy. if u just want to be w/ her all the time, then maybe that's just really liking being her friend. but if u, like, wanna kiss her or.... other stuff, then maybe u r a lesbian or bisexual.

What could a teenage girl do for a job?

Well a teenage girl could do alot,for example she could babysitt, do yard work at the house, or possibly have a yard sale. :)

How do you say sorry to your friend who is a lesbian?

If she told you say " it's okay! you are not alone. many people are too" if you found out then ask if she is or you could just say" sorry that you're a lesbain"

What are cause of teenage depression?

If your friend feels like they are alone or that they don't look attractive this could be a cause. Also a major cause has to do with family life being negative.

What are the effects of teenage obesity?

this could be a life long struggle if obesity is not controlled in the teenage years.

What does your dream mean if you dreamed that you were a lesbian?

I could mean that you are a lesbian or it could mean that that was what you were thinking about before you went to bed. For other translations you would need more information.

Is enya a lesbian?

I am friends with one of her cousins and my friend has dated her. (My friend is in fact a lesbian.) She told me that Enya identifies herself as pan sexual - And we are supposed to believe what you said above is true? I could say she dated one of my friends and I'd be just as credible as you. Seriously does it matter if she is or isn't? A lot of people suspect she may be but until she says it herslef don't spread rumours.

How do you play with a women in a lesbian relationship?

You could play ball;). Jk....There's toys you could use such as dildos, vibrators...etc. You could also finger your lesbian lover or perform oral sex;)

How do you make a lesbian?

you do not make a lesbian. gays are born gay. you could convince a straight girl to do things with you, but you cannot convert them.

Is miss a lesbian?

yes she got off with mr badat and they both used strapons so they could have lesbian sex

How can you love a lesbian when you are already married?

You could just be friends with this Lesbian for a while and then she may fall for you, not her current sexual partner.

How do you get Over your ex-boyfriend from 5 months ago when your friend is dating him?

that's actually of rude that your friend would do that. usually a friend would ask if you were ok with it. You could tell your friend that it makes you uncomfortable and if she absolutely wont budge id consider a new friend

Is it normal for a teenage girl to stop her period for a couple months and not be pregnant?

No. If there is no chance of pregnancy, then it could be a sign of a problem involving hormones, weight, or stress levels and should be checked out by a doctor.

How do you find out if your wife is a lesbian when having a lesbian friend?

OpinionYou could ask her, for one. "Having a lesbian friend" isn't really important--if she has one, it doesn't mean she's a lesbian herself. If you have one, it doesn't have anything to do with her. If you don't feel comfortable asking your wife if she's a lesbian, you could either investigate yourself or hire a private detective. On the other hand, you could make love to her and learn to appreciate what you have, without worrying about the sexual orientation of her friends. If she is indeed lesbian (or bisexual) and chooses to "follow that path," presumably she'll let you know.OpinionSo heres the deal, your wifes not a lesbian, had she been, then you wouldn't even be married to her. But heres the SUPER awesome news, she COULD be bi-curious or bisexual. If i were you id bring this up sometime in a one on one conversation with her, relationships thrive off of being open to each other.OpinionSome lesbians do get married, whether or not they realize that they are beforehand. The only way you're going to get to know the truth is if she tells you. Unless she says that she is a lesbian or otherwise attracted to women, you can't assume either way. This is a sticky subject.As for her having lesbian friends, would you also assume that she was cheating if you believed her 100% heterosexual and had male friends? Just because she pulls away sexually doesn't mean she's a lesbian, and it also doesn't mean she'll necessarily cheat on you. Communication is what you need.

Does liking to watch lesbians making out make you a lesbian?

It could mean you're slightly bisexual, or lesbian, but be happy with who u r

What if lesbian girl calles you darling?

She could just be friendly

Do you have to have a boyfriend to be gay?

no, you could have a girlfriend whilst your a girl and be lesbian