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What was Vincent van Goghs favorite number?

Vincent Van Goghs favourite number was 4

What was Vincent van Goghs favourite animal?

He did not have one.

What is the meaning behind Vincent Van Goghs painting sunflowers?

the meaning behind Vincent van goghs painting sunflowers is that he shows his emotions that how he feels

What flowers appear in Vincent van goghs picture?


What was Vincent van goghs 's wife's name?


What was Vincent van goghs first painting called?

Cabbages and Clogs.

What were Vincent van Goghs famous paintings?

Click the link below!

What color scheme is dominant in Vincent van Goghs Sunflowers?

my penis

What were Vincent van goghs challenges?

He thought he was a burden to his brother and sot himself.

Do art critics like Vincent van Goghs work?

Nowadays, yes.

What are two of Vincent van Goghs famous paintings called?

stary night

What was the name of Vincent van goghs older brother?

his brothers name was Theo

Who was Vincent van Goghs role model?

He didnt Have a role model

Who brought vincent van goghs panting?

who brought vincet van goghspanting

When was Theo Vincent van goghs brother born?

He was born 4 years after Vincent van gogh who was born in 1853

Who suggested that Vincent van Gogh became a painter?

Vincent Van goghs parents and teachers pushed him onto becoming an artist. :)

What flowers appear in one of Vincent Van Goghs most famous paintings?


How much are Vincent Van Goghs paintings worth?

his paintings are selling for millions of dollars.

What were Vincent van goghs acheievement?

He was a gifted painter. Search online for examples of his work.

What flower appears in one of Vincent van goghs most popular painting?

The Sunflower

What makes Vincent Van Goghs paintings unique?

he uses dots to paint an image

Vincent Van goghs most famous painting?

most famous painting 'the potato eaters'

What was Vincent van goghs brothers name?

his brothers name was theovincent also had another brother also callen Vincent van gogh but he died at berth.

What was special about Vincent van goghs art?

Vincent van Gogh was special because he was cool and he made up some new way op painting or something

Who was Vincent van goghs boyfriend when he was gay?

He was not gay. He fell in love with girls several times, but was always rejected.