Could you have ADD if you can't pay attention but you get good grades?

Yes, it is possible. I did it all through high school. I was always in advanced/honors classes. However, school was never very difficult for me, it was boring. I was able to goof off in class and still pass the tests and do most of the homework without doing too much studying.

If you are the kind of person who has to study and actually work for your grades, ADD is going to be a major drawback. Otherwise, if you are like I was, it should be no problem.

But, either way, I would recommend you see a psychiatrist for treatment. I don't know how common this is, but as I've gotten older (I'm in my thirties now), my ADD seems to have gotten worse. At least it did until I starting getting treatment. Adderall works for me, but there are other medications and methods of treatment available. I figure, why should anyone have to suffer and 'deal with it' if they don't have to?

Good Luck.

Definitely! The importance of treatment is not to be ignored as other areas of your life may be difficult such as organization, remembering everyday things and relationships with others. I also have found some symptoms getting worse as i get older. You may also be unchallenged in school work which leads to inattentiveness as opposed to suffering from add. It would be better to know than to worry about it all the time. All the best,

**You might want to look for an alternative non drug way to be able to pay attention better, look at the higher potential you would have.

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