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It could be a bug bite,or a infected hair folical.

2006-09-08 09:18:11
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What does a swollen taste bud look like?

It is a small white bump on your tongue. it might start out as a red bump.

Small red bump on side and top of tongue and feels swollen and burnt I recently had a tooth pulled?

small red bump on the tongue is the intimation or symptoms of tongue ulcer.

Bump in your back and you are feel tired?

A bump in your back could be a bug bite or a small tumor. If you are feeling tired and noticing bumps on your back, you could have one of a variety of ailments including cancer. Check with your physician as soon as possible.

What is the small hard bump on baby's head?

Sometimes a baby's lymph nodes may become swollen. When enlarged, the bump can be small and very hard. In order to rule out anything serious, talk to a pediatrician.

Is this mosquito bite infected There is a hard bump that had some weird hard orange color stuff around it that this person scratched off Before it was very swollen and this person could barely walk?

probably, are you sure its a mosquito bite? i would go to a doctor right away

What do you get when you bump your skin?

Bruises or swollen.

Other than a boil what could be a painless blood filled bump inside the edge of the nose?

It could be a swollen capillary.

What causes a small red bump on the stomach?

That's wayyy too general. A bump on the stomach could be a rash, a pimple, a tumor or an insect bite. To know for sure (and if its causing you problems), please contact a health professional. ~ T

What is the bump on your gums?

there are two reasons for this: first, when you bite the inside of your mouth, a small harmless bump appears. then when you have a cavity that you do not take care of, a bump(called a puss pocket,) appears near a tooth.

What could a small butter-bean sized knot behind your ear be it is sore and it hurts when you touch it or move your head?

A small bump or knot behind the ear can be an injury, cyst, or a swollen lymph gland. If you hit this area in an accident, then it may cause a bump to appear that is painful. It could also be a benign cyst that may require removal. Swollen lymph glands behind the ear can be due to bacterial infections.

Painful bump back of skull?

A painful bump at the back of the skull could be the result of hitting one's head against something hard. The bump could also be a bug bite or a sting, or might even be a scratch or cut.

Your cat has a small bump on her throat under her chin where you would scratch her. what could it be?

A small bump on the throat of a cat could be a number of things. This could be a lypoma, it could be some type of infected injury, or it could be a tumor.

What could a slightly movable bump be on the hairless part behind your ear and above your earlobe?

Possibly a swollen lymph node

What is a small white bump on the side of your tongue?

It could be an ulcer.

What could a small hard bump with a scab be on your head?

a penis

What is a small white bump on the lower eyelid?

It could be a stye

Why does a hamster has a red bump in her back?

Could be a flea bite if not better in a few days just call the vet and he will tell you what to do or if with other hamsters it could be a bite from one of them just from playing

What could cause a small red bump on your tonsil?

it could be an infection that might have caused it.

What spider make a bump?

The ones that bite!!!!

Do cockroachs bite?

What can u do to relieve the itch of a bite like bump left from a cockroach

What could a small hard bump on a 2-year-old's occipital ridge behind the left ear be It is not painful or discolored There is not one on the right side?

A small, painless bump behind the ear of a child can be many different things. Some causes of this include mastoiditis, dermatitis, swollen lymph nodes, sebaceous cysts, cancers, and parasitic infections.

How do you play small bump on the guitar?

you play a small bump on the guitar

Bump on forehead not a pimple its as big as a misquito bite but doesnt itch and hurts what could it be?

It could be a underskin pimple or a calcium spot or a skin color mole...

What could be a hard bump on the lower abdomen by the penis?

It could be a swollen lymph node... or something serious... you should contact a doctor if it doesn't go away (or if it is painful right now).

Small round bump on cervix what could it be?

The best way to determine that answer is to see your doctor.