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Could you have dry socket if you got an extraction and the socket looks empty but hurts too much and will it heal if it does not have a blood clot?

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March 16, 2007 2:15PM

FIRST THING you should do is follow your dentists advice about caring for it after you leave his office. It will heal; here are some tips to help healing- DO NOT use a straw to drink; the suction you create to sip through a straw will cause possible bleeding and slower recovery. Dont chew directly on it; try soft foods for a while. After eating, some food particles may wander into the socket. Dissolve a tablespoon of table salt in a small glass of water (not hot, not cold,) then gently rinse your mouth to remove food particles and bacteria. Then go to a GOOD pharmacy or even a healthfood store and get a bottle of "Oil of Cloves". A few times a day, put a few drops of this oil into the dry socket. That will help with the pain and increase healing time. Having a "dry socket" after an extraction is VERY common. Hang in there! GOOD LUCK