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Could you put a bigger turbo on a 1980 turbo trans am would it make a difference?

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2009-11-23 06:56:10
2009-11-23 06:56:10


No. The engine can only take so much boost and the turbo on it is probably already maxing it out. You could see if it can be set higher I suppose.

this bloke is an idiot of course it works better a bigger turbo will not need to work as hard .the smaller the turb the harder they work. you will get smoother an more reliable boost off a bigger turb wich means bigger housing better flow which in turn means better power

I would imagine that the purpose of the question was whether or not they would get MORE power from it.....not necessarily better or to work the turbo less. The 301 Pontiac is a terrible engine with very small valves. Without doing a TON of work, you aren't going to accomplish a thing with a bigger turbo. Example...larger valves, better flowing exhaust, port work, camshaft...and so on. Simply saying bigger is always better is ridiculous. That's like saying well....a 600 cfm carb works great on my an 800 double pumper would be even better. It has to be a package deal.

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None, TH stands for turbo-hydromatic, hence th350 or 350 turbo.

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the only thing different would the internals of the trans the turbo trans is a heavy duty trans.

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Probably a turbo 350 trans. This is a three speed trans. The way for you to check is to look at the trans pan. look up a picture of a turbo 350 trans and compare it to your trans pan.

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with no problem. you could bolt a 572 in. remember trans will have to be a 4l80e trans. and if its carb just use a turbo 400 trans

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