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7 say pregnant and 2 say not pregnant. How often are you taking this test. How far in between were the last positive and the first negative. You would probably still test positive for a while after a miscarriage so I wouldn't jump to that conclusion. You need to get a blood test done so you can rest your mind. That way you'll be sure.

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Will the pregnancy test come out to be negtive when you have an urinary tract infection?

Pregnancy tests look for a hormone that is secreted by an implanted egg called hCG. It can only be detected if you are pregnant. If a pregnancy test is positive, it is best to follow-up with a provider for confirmation, but a negative result would not be due to a UTI.

Is outrageous a positive or negative word?


Can an O positive person give blood to an A positive?

o positive + a negtive equal o positive ?

Are neutrons positive or negtive?

They dont have a charge, they are neutral

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Is 3.2 - 5.7 positive negtive or zero?


If you missed your period and a home test said negtive can you still be pregnant?

can you get pregnant after your preiod finished

What is 4 times negtive 13?

-52 (Negative X Negative = Positive) (Negative X Positive = Negative)

You took a blood test it came back positive pregnant but the urine test came back negtive which one is true?

I would believe the blood test. Discuss the matter with your doctor.

You took 2 pregnancy test both were negative but negative sign was very light?

i took two test it is negtive sign of pregnancy

What is a positive integer and what is a negtive integer?

Positive integers are greater than zero. Negative integers are less than zero.

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In a way he had both postive and negtive.

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Genital warts are viral, not bacterial.

You had a tubal ligation six years ago im two weeks late you took a pregnancy test witch was negtive what are the possiblities of you being pregnant?

Very, very low. Bodies aren't clockwork and can drop out of synch for whatever reasons.

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some pros are cleaner air cons are nucler waste and explosens

Can a o negtive mother and o positive father have a o positive baby?

Yes, you both could be O- and still have an O+ baby, see related link.

What stament is always trueabout the sum of a negtive integer and positive integer?

The statement is: "Their sum is always an integer." Whether the sum is negative or positive depends on the two original integers.

Light bleeding one week before period and negative pregnancy test?

Good day all My last period was on 3 - Aug Today is 28- Aug I had light bleeding (very light) spotting from 25 - Aug !!! until now and i did pregnancy test today and was negtive what this bleeding ? and may i be pregnant ? please if any one can answer ,,,, I need to know

What type of bond does iron and oxygen form?

Ionic, electrons are transfered to the oxygen from the iron, iron has positive charge, oxygen has negtive charge.

You had light brownish bleeding about 10 days before your period but you were due on your period on the 8th April and you are 3days late but you have took a preagancy test and it was negtive?

Hello - You may be pregnant. Best thing to do is see your doctor for a blood test as this way of testing is highly accurate. Much more accurate than home pregnancy testing and urine pregnancy tests. Or wait a few more days and do a pregnancy test at home. :o)

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Lets use newtons 3rd law(every thing has an equal and oppsite reaction) on this one.Id say it had an equal amount of positive and negtive effects.

Why does a negtive equal a positive?

Actually it isn't. For example, +100 is not the same as -100; as it isn't the same whether you earn 100 dollars, or whether you lose them.

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Why cant the adsolute value of a number be negtive?

That is because of the way the absolute value is defined. The absolute value of a positive number is positive, the absolute value of a negative number is also positive. The absolute value of zero is zero. Even in the complex numbers, the absolute value is defined in such a way that it is a real and positive number.

3 positive pt 2 negative still got 2 and a half day period little bit of clotting not much had a micarge a year ago breast still tender could you still be pregnant?

i'v been pregnant befor about 8 weeks i had a misscarge iv been trying to get pregnant again. i took 2 pregnancy test a week befor my period was due (ept) both come back positive took 2 first response came back negtive 1 cvs brand test came back positive i took the 2 ept in the morning and cvs brand in the morning first response in the night i had a 2 and a half day period i never experince this with my 1st pregnancy i had little bit of clotting but nother like my 1st period no cramps small ones my normle period last for 4 to 5 days it was vary lite to me could some one help i cant afored a doctor right now.

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