Periods while Pregnant

Could you still be pregnant if you have no morning sickness and have not missed your period yet?


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2009-08-18 19:34:38
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== == Yes, but you will have to wait until after your period is due to find out (and you can have some spotting even then), so the most definitive way to know if you are or are not pregnant is to get a home pregnancy test. If it shows positive, make an appointment with a health care professional to confirm the pregnancy and get started on prenatal care.

Only 75% of pregnant women have morning sickness symptoms in early pregnancy or later in the gestation period. It is normal (and wonderful) to not have to contend with this. As long as you are getting regular prenatal care, and the obstetrician says everything is looking good, you can just relax and enjoy that time, pamper yourself, and prepare for the new baby. See the related links section for a link to an online calculator to help evaluate the potential and probability of a pregnancy based on dates and symptoms.


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