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The only reason a woman takes Cytotec is for abortion so I assume that is what you were aiming for. Otherwise they are for men with ulcers.

You don't say if it was orally or vaginally but it sounds like it worked. To make sure it worked and there are no remains you have ot see a doctor 2 weeks after. If not, you can get serious complications and infections.

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Q: Could you still be pregnant if you took two Cytotec tablets after 23 days of pregnancy and they led to bleeding with a few clots after 3 hours?
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You took cytotec tablets bleeding and still 6 weeks pregnant will the baby be safe?

ask your doctor immediately!

Can tablets cause periods during pregnancy?

You shouldn't be taking tablets while pregnant so see your doctor about this bleeding during pregnancy.

What if i am one month pregnant andmdrank four cytotec tablets and still not bleed am i still pregnant?


How do you used cytotec tablets if your 1 week delayed?

The doctor will advice you when he prescribes it to you after you have a positive pregnancy test. Just having your period a week delayed does not mean you are pregnant.

Will cytotec tablets be effective after 4 months of pregnancy?

You can only have a medical abortion up to 9 weeks.

How many tablets of cytotec that you will take if you are three months pregnant?

None before checking this out with your doctor or pharmacist.

Is it normal to see 2 to 3 spoons of blood after taking 8 tablets of cytotec?

Well is it normal to take 8 tablets of cytotec?

How do you solve delayed menstruation?

You have to do the urine pregnancy test. You can give progesterone tablets to get the withdrawal bleeding, once you rule out the pregnancy.

How many tablets of cytotec will i take if I'm 3 months pregnant?

A medical abortion is only available up to the 9th week. Past that it have to be done by surgery.

What happen if a woman was 9 weeks pregnant and she take 6 tablets of cytotec pills?

Depends on what type of pills, oral or vaginal and if she takes them the way she was prescribed.

How many cytotec tablets should be taken for 5 Weeks Pregnancy Termination?

3 tablets to be swallowed and 2 tablets inserted into the vagina.This procedure is best carried out at bed time when the woman is going to sleep.Bleeding occurs btw.12-24 hours after the procedure.

Is it safe to take nitrofuration tablets when pregnant?

Nitrofurantoin is considered as safe in pregnancy. But then cephalexin is better choice.

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