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Could you still be pregnant if you use condoms with your boyfriend but you are 14 days late but a home pregnancy test was negative?


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It could be possibility, wait another 10 days if no period take the pregnancy test again

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yes. because the condoms will break its like you and your boyfriend both wearing condoms they will rub against each other and break

Whether you use condoms during pregnancy or not, you won't become more or less pregnant than you are. If you are going to have sex during pregnancy, then it is safer with a condom, since that helps reduce disease.

If you have had a normal period after having sex, and the home pregnancy test was negative, the chances of pregnancy are very low indeed. If you are having sex outside of a definitely faithful long term relationship please use barrier contraception (condoms) to avoid sexually transmitted diseases and to allow pregnancy to be planned.

Condoms are always too tight when worn by women. Seriously though, if he put it in you, you can get pregnant even if the condom fit perfectly. Condoms do not eliminate pregnancy, they just reduce the chances of pregnancy. Only abstinance will prevent pregnancy.

The anti-pregnancy kit will help a woman not to get pregnant. The kit has birth control pills, the day after pills, and condoms.

Condoms lower pregnancy and STD chances by about 98 percent. However the condom might break which spikes chances of pregnancy. Be on a birth control to have double protection.

You use condoms during lovemaking so you don't get pregnant or some disease. 1. Condoms help prevent unwanted pregnancy. 2. Condoms help prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV.

No. Only birth control from your doctor or condoms can prevent pregnancy.

ok... cut off your boyfriend balls or get girl tube tied

Condoms are not 100% reliable so there is still a chance of pregnancy occurring. If you think you may be pregnant you should take a home pregnancy test and/or see a Dr.

It is quite possible. It is possible you could get pregnant even with the "pullout" method. This is because the male releases sperm in his pre-ejaculate as well. Though there are smaller amounts, it is still enough to get a female pregnant. Try using condoms or other form of contraception for pregnancy prevention.

There is a very low risk of pregnancy when using Mirena. If you want to get pregnant, have the Mirena removed.

Not at all, it actually makes it MORE likely that you will get pregnant.

So long as the condom is not broken No you wont get pregnant. That is what condoms are designed to do.

yes, condoms don't protect against pregnancy. i suggest you go to a clinic.

The withdrawl method like many others is not fail safe. You have been lucky so far but this is against the odds. I recommend you take the pill if your boyfriend has an allergy to condoms.

Condoms, if used properly, can prevent pregnancy up to 98%!

Hello, Condoms will prevent pregnancy providing the condom did not fall off, tear or rip - if this occurs then sperm will escape the condom and enter the vagina which may result in pregnancy. It's possible you could be pregnant but it's difficult to say over the internet. See your doctor for a pregnancy blood test.

Yes, condoms are one of the most used contraceptives to prevent pregnancy. In addition to protecting against pregnancy, they can protect against sexually transmitted diseases.Condoms are absolutely the best way to prevent pregnancy.

Well latex condoms are good to prevent pregnancy for the most part but as opposed to latex or polyurethane condoms or animal skin condoms are all good but I recommend spermicidal lubricated condoms.

Yes. You can get pregnant anytime you have sex. Condoms are very good but there is nothing that prevents pregnancy 100%.

Condoms are 99% effective but all it takes is that 1% or it breaks and you're pregnant! The best combination is condoms and birth control pills.

While condoms are not 100% effective they still have a high pregnancy protection rate and also protect against most STI's. If always used correctly 2 out of 100 women will become pregnant from condom use. If condoms are not always used correctly 18 out of 100 women will become pregnant each year. Condoms are most effective if used with a spermicide and if you have emergency contraception if a break were to occur.

weed doesn't prevent pregnancy. condoms and birth control do.

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