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Could you tell if they made a cap badge for the grenadier guards with 15 and 16 flames as there should be 17?


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May 27, 2007 4:17AM

I have been collecting British cap badges for a few years and I'm not aware of a different design. I don't have very many references, so my answer is not that definative. But I have learned that the Canadians had a cap badge that was identifcal, except for the arrangement of the flames: the Winnepeg Guards. I accidently bought one. Speaking of grenadier badges, I have a large badge that is the same size and style as the large bronze badge of the Royal Scots Fusilers EXCEPT this one has a slight different pattern to the flames and on the grenade is the coronet and feathers of the Prince of Wales---identical to what you see for the 3rd Dragoons or the 11th Hussars. What is this? It has loops for attachment, so it is a cap badge and probably not a cartridge box badge. ????