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Could you work if you are 14?

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Yes you can work. The law to work is at age 14 and up.Ask your school for working papres so u can present it at a job interview

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Where can you work at 14 in Michigan?

There are a few places where you could work as a 14 year old in Michigan. You could babysit or cut grass for example.

Can you be 14 to work at tillys?

no you cant you could work at burger king..etc

Could a 14 year old work at aeropostale?


Is it illegal to work for free?


An age limit to work in an office?

If you have a work permit and the office wants to hire you, you could get a job at 14.

Can a 14-year-old get a job at Claire's?

Hello, i went into town today and asked if you could work in claires at 14 you have to be 16 to work there!

Where can a 14 year old in Mentor Ohio work?

i think that you can work at Diary Queen when you are 14. You can hold signs for Georgios for 12 a day. for 2 hours. Do you think you could maybe work at Wendy's or McDonalds in Mentor at age 14?

Can people work at the age of twelve?

You have to be 14 to get a part time job, but a 12-year-old could do volunteer work.

Can you work in a flower shop at 14?

not as an official "job". As custom dictates one could "work", but the government would not recognize it as such.

Where could you get a job at 14?

you can work at winn-dixie or pubilx or an other place that will hire you

Where can a 14 year old work at that pays good money?

it could be dollar general or you could be a docter they pay you $1,000

Where can you find work in Windsor at age 14?

14 year olds who live in Windsor may be able to find work in their community. They could offer baby sitting or cleaning services.

Where in Oregon do they hire 14 year olds?

Due to child labor laws, I don't think there is anywhere a 14 year old could work. However, if you know the owner of a store, or if you have connections, then they could hire you for small jobs. You could always do work for neighbors for some extra cash.

What states let you work at Dairy Queen if you are 14 years of age?

i live in Duluth,Minnesota and they hire at 14 i hope i could help

Where could a 14 year old get a job or volunteer work dealing with horses?

Go to

Can you work in riverisland if your 14?

No the law states you could only start working at the age of 16

Where can a 14-year-old get a job in Missouri?

A 14 year old who is looking for work in Missouri could clean houses. They could also house sit for families on vacation.

How old can a 14 work at a jobs?

you can work at publix at 14

You are a 14 year old girl and you would like to know if you Could start working and on what I Could Work on?

I think that I could start working on something that I feel comftable with.

What job could a 13 year old girl get in Australia Could you list the names of shops?

it would be illegal to work at that age. you must be 14 and 9 months to legally work in australia.

Where can you get a job in Colorado at 14?

you could work at like a pizza ship or like a compartment store or ABERCROMBIE1

What is the legal working age in Quebec?

14 but the work can't be too demanding like construction or something like that and 14 year old's can only work between 6am to 11pm. However, you could work if you are under 14 but you need a written consent from a parent/legal guardian! Hope it helped!!

Is hyvee the only place were there hiring 14 year olds at?

its not the only place, like my brother told me you could work at dairy queen at age 14.

Could a twelve year old work at a restaurant?

Not unless your parents own it. Otherwise you must be 14 in most states to get a work permit from the school.

Can you work in a florist at 14?

Yes florist work at 14 as well