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Nothing is for sure, but I have found (by being on both sides of this issue) that when your gut tells you that someone is cheating, they PROBABLY are. You could really mess things up if you are wrong abouth this, but do some ivestigation on your own. Check his pockets, follow him, check his phone bill. Again, think before you do these though. If you're wrong and he finds out, it could be a deal breaker. Yes he is cheating. Apparently, when a man is cheating they wont sex more often than usual! if in doubt i suggest you give cheaters a call. Listen to your gut, you are probably right, find out where he is supposed to be staying one weekend and then go and visit him. Either he will be there no cheating, not be there (so he would have lied to you) or be there with another woman. Or even better ask him (in a non accusatory way) and even if he lies you ill notice by his behaviour. This is a marriage and I feel more care should be made rather than second-guessing. My husband works very hard and some late nights and has had to fly out on different jobs for 2 days or more. When he comes home he's fried and no, he doesn't feel like sex. Anyone that thinks a hard-working man always wants sex needs to give their head a shake. Men do get emotionally and physically tired from their jobs. Don't jump to conclusions!!!! Make arrangements to send the kids to your mothers or a girfriends over-night and then sit down and simply ask your husband right out. Don't ruin a marriage over second-guessing.

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Q: Could your husband be cheating if he is a contractor who only comes home every other weekend and very seldom does he want to have sex?
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