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Could be. But doesn't mean he is. Why is he staying away at night regardless of job prob?

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What is the number of 91 overnight stays for child support?

Not sure what you mean by "the number of 91 over night stays." However, overnight stays ordinarily do not affect one's support obligation.

If a boy stays out is he cheating?

He is most likely to be cheating if he is staying out late nights

How can you tell if an Aquarius is cheating on you?

You can read the body languages to know this fact. If that person talks less then also he might be cheating. It could possibly be true if he stays busy in his own life.One cannot tell simply if it is happening or not. It totally depends on person to person. He might or might not be cheating just notice his body language.

Is your boyfriend cheating if he stays out all night?

It is not always the case that your boyfriend is cheating on you. It is possible that he might be doing that also. You can never be too sure about that.

Does tympanoplasty require a hospital stay?

For tympanoplasty with ossicular reconstruction, the patient usually stays in the hospital overnight

Is your man cheating when he stays out all night?

Not necessarily, he could be at a friend's home, however, if he did not phone you to tell you and lets you worry, kick him to the curb! ANSWER: Let me correct the question with the right answer. Now we can't really use the question if our husband stay out all night, is he cheating, remember we also have thousand of men's in the military. Men who are in the military that work inside the Carrier, do go out for weeks, months and sometimes a year. This men do sleep inside the ship so if our husband are in the military especially Navy men, there's no such thing as our husband are cheating because they didn't comes home at night. Did I make sense how to justify the question next time? If I offended you with my comment, accept my apology, but the man I married was in the Navy and his always gone in the ship that is why I need to verify the answer..

How do you get curls overnight when you have strait hair?

You could try bendy rollers. My hair is straight and never stays in curls but leaving in bendy rollers for one night keeps it curly up to two days.

Does the overnight stays affect child support?

Only if the order for support says they do. In California it does by law. see links

If you are in a long-distance relationship and your girlfriend stays out late drinking without calling and acts distant is she cheating?

It is quite possible. Alcohol has a direct relationship to the concept of cheating.

What should you do when a married woman is cheating on her cheating husband with a single man but she stays with her husband and tells the single man to wait until she leaves her husband?

Answercome on grow up you cant have your cake and eat it too. or how ever it goes you cant have it all! break it down to your husband he married you for commiment right? you wernt ready for that apprently its co0l your only human.if you and your husvabd are meant to be then he'll forgive you but dont take advangtage of it and expect change but the other guy apologize for the leading on and loose all contact with him. you just need to tell your self the truth stop being self centered and think about others sometimes.. well hopefully that helps ;]AnswerWatch ONE Lifetime movie and you will realize that married people rarely leave their spouses for their flings. More often, they confess, apologize and live "happily" ever after. Even if this married person DOES leave their spouse for you, how could you (in the role of their new spouse, presumably) ever fully trust them not to do the same to you? Cheating is just never a good idea, especially not with someone that is maRRIEDAnswerIt says 'cheating husband' if he really cheating on you ask him! if you are 100% sure then dump him no one deservs to be cheated on and then lied to if he tells you the truth id still dump him he lied to you to see this womIf her husband is cheating on her the means unprotected sex. If she still with him while he doing it means she never wants to leave. If my husband did this I would be gone in a min well he would I want the house and cars........

Can husband and wife pray together?

Yes, a family that prays together stays together

Dose a husband that is a truck driver cheat on his wife when he stays out for more than 3 weeks?

No, he only cheats on his wife if he stays out more than 3 months.

What happens if you leave a hot glue gun on overnight?

if you leave a hot glue on overnight --- the glue gun stays on all nightANS 2 - All the glue will get really liquid and leak out and the heating element may burn out.

What color and what happens when you leave a goldfish overnight?

If a gold fish is left overnight stays the same unless you don clean fish tank. If you dont clean the fish tank its turns blue and within 2 days it dyes

What is the definition of 'patient bed days'?

A bed-day is a day during which a person is confined to a bed and in which the patient stays overnight in a hospital

Is your boyfriend cheating if he stays out all night at his friend's house if his friend's girlfriend is there and they have sex and other girls are there as well?

Maybe, probably...

Which spouse stays in the house during separation?

The spouse that stays in the house will depend on whether the husband and wife agree. If they don't agree, the judge in the case will decide who gets the home.

Why does a man shows a woman where he stays?

A man can show a women where he stays if he is comfortable with her. It could be a sign that he is interested in her.

Who said''Then hie you hence to Fair Laurence's cell There stays a husband to make you a wife''?

the nurse

What do you call a mother that stays at home?

A stay at home mother, one who stays home with their children, to tend to the house, and children, while their husband works the job and keeps food on the table.

Number of people who visit Berlin each year?

About 8.9 million visitors with overnight stays and roughly 132 million who just stayed a day in 2009

What do Hindus call their house of worship and how do they differ from me?

The house of worship in Hinduism is called a Temple. In a Temple only God stays & no one else can stay their overnight.

Dome light stays on 2001 slk320?

When the dome light stays on in an slk320 one of several things could be causing it. A door switch could be bad, the manual light switch could be stuck, or the light relay could be stuck. Any of these could cause the problem.

The water in fuel light on the dash stays on the filter has been changed and also drained the water separator 2 more times but it stays on What could it be?

Im not a mechanic .... but it could be a faulty sensor ....

If a wife stays with her husband after he cheated on her does that mean she forgave him and believes everything about the affair he said to her?

yes and also it means she's stupid.