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Could your husband getting heartburn mean you are pregnant?

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Is hummus safe for pregnant women?

Yes, hummus is safe for pregnant women, although if you are at a stage that you are having trouble with heartburn, it could be a trigger.

Could you be pregnant you have headache constipation and sharp heartburn?

It is possible. If you miss a period, take a pregnancy test

Spotting nausea headache queasiness and vomitted once and heartburn Could I be pregnant?

The only time i ever suffered with heartburn was when i was pregnant. i felt sick alot but was very rarely actually sick, didnt get alot of headaches though.

Why would a wife get pregnant by another man instead of her husband?

It is obvious a wife would be cheating on her husband and there are two reasons she could get pregnant by the other man: She was not using birth control or she may have thought by getting pregnant by him he would ask her to divorce her husband and marry him. Generally it is a mistake when the cheating wife gets pregnant.Another PerspectiveYou would really need to ask her. Perhaps her husband is infertile.

How could you have tested positive for chlamydia if you were 6 month pregnant did your husband give it to you?

Either you had the infection prior to becoming pregnant, or your husband infected you.

What are the chances of getting pregnant when your spotting?

You could still get pregnant

If you have the IUD but you have been having heartburn an you havent got your period could you be pregnant?

Getting pregnant with an IUD in place is rare but it does happen. If you feel that you may be pregnant with an IUD in place you should take a home pregnancy test and/or see a Dr as soon as possible due to possible health risks to you and to the pregnancy.

Both my husband and me have O negative blood types. Could there be a problems getting pregnant or any problems with the baby?

No problems related to blood match.

Why did ira's husband break up with her in the story Nectar In A Sieve?

He brought her back to her mother because she could not bear him sons. So, basically, she was not getting pregnant.

Could you be pregnant if you have stomach aches heartburn and nausea?

They could be signs of pregnancy, have you missed a period? Why not take a pregnancy test or go see your doctor who will be able to tell you if you are pregnant or if your symptoms are down to something else.

Can you eat hot chips while pregnant?

Yes, but it could cause heartburn and it is empty calories so weight gain is a by product.

Can having heartburn mean that you're pregnant?

Yes, it could be a pregnancy symptom. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your next period

Your husband had a vasectomy 7 years ago is there a chance you could get pregnant you have a lot of pregnancy systems right now?

can i get pregnant after my husband had a vasectomy 7 years ago?

Can you be pregnant if you have heartburn cramps bloated gas nausea dizziness and your breasts hurt and you have little bumps around your nipples but you're never hungry?

Yes you could be pregnant. There pregnancy symptoms.

Could diet pills stop you from getting pregnant?


If you have a yeast infection could you be pregnant?

yeast infections have nothing to do with being or getting pregnant

We are trying to get pregnant. I had PMS Symptoms one week after last day cramps nausea bloating indigestion heartburn. Could I be pregnant or just getting an early period We are trying..?

I've had 3 children and I could always tell about 1 week before my missed period by the bloating and a little nausea. Also sore nipples around the time of the miised period. Yes you may be pregnant.

Why do you get heartburn before your period?

because it could be a warning that your period is coming because you have heartburn

Can a women get pregnant even though her husband takes steroids?

Yes, but it could be difficult

Is it possible you could have gotten pregnant even if your husband and you used the pullout method?


Could you get pregnant if your husband is 39 and 18?


Had a vasectumey in October could you be pregnant?

Possibly. You do often hear stories of people who have become pregnant even after their husband/partner has had a vasectomy

What are the chances of getting pregnant right after your period if your boyfriend came in you?

You could be pregnant - take a test

Could one get pregnant while on period and is ovulation possible after getting pregnant?

Very unlikely.

Could you get pregnant through anal hole?

There is an absolute 0% of getting pregnant through your anus

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