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Yes, especially if there is a distinct physical dividing line between the two, such as an arch or other structure. If no physical divider exists, you're going to have to be creative. It will be much easier if the two paint colors are closely related since you could blend the two where they meet. Another possibility is to create a visual dividing line with a third band of color between the two. If worse comes to worst, you could always go to Home Depot or another large DIY store, and ask for ideas.

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Q: Could your living room and dining room that run together be painted in different colors?
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Could your sunken living room and raised dining room that share one wall be painted in different colors?

Yes, if the colors contrast well.

How do mismatched dining chairs make a dining room more eclectic?

Using a mismatched dining room chairs is a great way to give a kitchen an eclectic style. It is important to mismatch chairs that are different sizes, colors and textures.

When posting the colors in the dining area where does the color guard form?

outside the entrance to the dining area

Where can I get an outdoor dining set for 6?

Lowe's has some great outdoor dining sets. They have plenty of options for different colors and styles. If not Lowe's, The Home Depot has plenty of available outdoor sets.

When posting the colors in a dining area here does the color guard form?

Outside the entrance to the dining area

What are some of the colors that outdoor dining sets come in?

There is some lack of color when it comes to outdoor dining sets. Most stores should have colors from black, white, to the different variatons of browns in wood. You can also get a table custom made or use a table cover to get to color you desire.

Where can you buy dining chair seat covers?

There are many places where one can purchase dining chair seat covers. Stores like Target contain a wide selection of seat covers that vary in different sizes and colors.

Where did Leonardo paint the last supper?

The Last Supper was painted in the dining room of a church in Milan

Different words for kitchen and dining room?

tablinum- latin for dining room,

How does color combination affect the ambiance in fine dining?

The color combinations affects the ambiance of fine dining by giving a life on the place. Through the different colors, the fine dining looks elegant and catchy in which people may attract to enter the said establishment. Color defines the occasion or the motif of the high price restaurant because fine dining should always have a great attention on its details.

Where was the last supper painted?

Leonardo da Vinci painted 'The Last Supper' on the back wall of the dining hall of the Domican convent of St Maria delle Grazie in Italy. . .

What is one way a group of friends dining together can apportion the bill?

A group of friends dining together can apportion the bill by keeping track of how much the things they ate / drank cost. If everyone is having the same exact thing the bill can also simply be divided by how many people were dining together.

What was the name of the church where Leonardo da Vinci painted the Last Supper?

Da Vinci painted the Last Supper in the dining hall of the Convent of Santa Maria della Grazie in Milan.

What colors inspire you to share your feelings and ideas when dining?

Red, orange, green, and blue.

How to Add Interest to a Room with Unmatched Dining Chairs?

Furniture warehouses that are open to the public, used furniture stores and consignment shops often carry unique styles of dining chairs. From modern chairs with straight lines, to traditional formal chairs, there is usually something to fit everyone’s taste. Buying different styles can be a way to save money, since odd chairs or those leftover from a set are usually discounted to make them sell quickly. A fresh look can be created for any dining room or kitchen by using chairs that are not part of a typical dining room set. Dining chairs can serve as multipurpose chairs, so using different styles will offer additional seating anywhere in the home when needed. Using dining chairs of different styles can give a home an eclectic yet sophisticated touch that shows the homeowner’s creativity and personal taste. Use painted dining chairs to add color to a room One way to bring color to a kitchen is to paint different styles wooden dining chairs different colors. Four chairs, each of a different color such as bright red, dark green, yellow and blue would add interest and whimsy to an eat in kitchen. Another idea is to paint different styles of chairs the same color. This makes the chairs appear as a set, rather than just a collection of odd pieces. Use fabrics to give different chairs a unified look Using the same fabric to cover the seats of dining chairs of different styles provides a unified look. This works especially well in a formal dining area where upholstered dining chairs are common. For chairs with wooden bottoms, matching seat cushions could be the solution for a pulled together look. Choose chairs that serve several purposes Dining chairs that are plush or those with arms can be used in other areas of the home when not needed at the dining table. Purchase interesting looking dining chairs for extra seating in a family room or bedroom. When needed, such chairs can be added to an existing dining table or used with a folding table to accommodate extra guests. Extra chairs of this type are especially useful for a home with a large dining table that has leaves that can be added to seat more guests.

where can I find some good dining chairs ?

IKEA is a store which sells stylish furniture at a low price. They have plenty of dining chair options in various materials and colors.

When posting the Colors in a dining area where does the Color guard form?

outside the entrance to the dinning area

How to Decorate Wooden Dining Chairs to Match Your Decor?

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as decorating your home to match your personal tastes. But, if you’re on a limited budget and you need to pull your dining room decor together and help it coordinate with the rest of your home, this can seem almost impossible. There’s one option that can be quite gratifying and very effective at pulling your home decor together - you can decorate or customize your wooden dining chairs to match your dining room or the rest of your home’s decor. The great thing about wooden dining chairs is that they can easily be painted or stained to match a room’s wallpaper, carpeting or paint. This can be an inexpensive and easy fix to completing your dining room and making it seem pulled together and inviting to guests. One word of caution about using paint or stain on dining chairs - make sure that they are completely dry before adding any cushions or sitting on them. If you choose a paint or stain, make sure to use a sealing top coat or clear coat, this protects your finish and keeps you chairs looking beautiful for years to come. You can also simply add tie-on cushions in custom fabrics and colors to your wooden dining chairs. This is a wonderful way to tie a dining set in with curtains and carpeting to help a room feel pulled together and cozy. You can purchase already-made chair cushions with ties inexpensively or you can make your own to perfectly match the rest of your dining room’s decor. Not only are chair cushions a great way to add style and warmth to your dining room, they are also a great way to make your guests be more comfortable when sitting at your dining table. Dining chairs are one of the easiest ways to spruce up your dining room and pull it all together, without spending large amounts of money. You’ll also find that customizing your dining chairs by stenciling them, painting them or adding cushions to them will be satisfying because you did it yourself. That’s one of the best parts about decorating your home, knowing that your home reflects your style because you did it yourself.

What are the latest trends in outdoor dining?

The latest trends in outdoor dining are that neutral colors are very popular for outdoor tables and chairs and they go perfectly with boldly patterned cushion fabrics.

Which dining room table set is user friendly for small children?

They have a lot of kid friendly dining room tables at Pottery Barn and they have different styles to match different tastes. You can check out some of their selection here:

What is the meaning of a dining salon?

Well, the meaning of a 'dining salon' is usually just a restuarant. It's just in different words than 'restaurant.'

Where can I purchase outdoor dining sets?

I would use Amazon or EBay for the purchase of outdoor dining sets there are several different kinds of outdoor dining sets to chose from. Some are cheap and some are pretty expensive

Where can one purchase a bench dining table?

Bench dining tables can be purchased from many different stores and retailers. Some examples that sell bench dining tables include Home Depot, Hayneedle, and Meijer.

Of which kind of materials are dining rooms made out of?

The dining room is where families come together to have lunch. They are composed of wooden tables, chairs, rugs, and buffets to store wine and their glasses.

Where can I find dining room set from?

I would search furniture stores. And then search what you want your dining set made out of, also how many chairs and how large of table. You could also search colors of wood or fabric for your chairs.