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Countries that speak french in America?


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In North and South America, the French-speaking countries are Canada, French Guyana, Haiti, and parts of the US.

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None : french is spoken in French Guyana, Martinique and Guadeloupe but these are not countries.

There are three countries in North America. Canada officially speaks French. The United States and Mexico don't.

French Guiana is the only country in South America that speaks French.

Most countries do not speak French.

All countries in South and Central America speak Spanish with the exception of Brazil, Belize, Surinam, French Guyana, and the Falkland Islands.

Francophone countries are countries that speak french originally. They are NOT countries that are learning to speak french.

In North America: Canada Haiti In South America: French Guiana (there is also a large French speaking population in the United States).

There are none. By definition, French countries speak French.

French Guiana is not an independent country, but it is the only place in South America that speaks French.

Twenty African countries speak French as an official language, 24 total countries speak French in Africa.

North American Countries that speak French:CanadaGuadeloupeHaitiMartiniqueSaint BarthelemySaint MartinSouth American Countries that speak French:French GuianaFrench is also spoken by immigrants all over the United States.

French is a commonly used language in Canada, but surely there are some people in other north American countries who can speak French.

Because "almost all" countries from Mexico to Patagonia (in Argentina) speak a Latin language (the Latin languages are: Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian and Romanian). There are small countries in Latin America that do not speak a Latin language like the French Guiana and Guyana. Of course in the Caribbean a whole bunch of countries do not speak a Latin Language, but they are not included as "Latin America".

On the eastern side of Northern America, there is a small town which only speak French.

Immigrants from French speaking countries speak French.

Well, the countries that don't speak French are:IndiaEnglandAntarcticaThailandMalaysiaAmericaAfricaChinaJapanthat is it.Shimke writes:America and Africa are not countries, but continents. There are millions of French speakers on each of them, in countries such as mentioned in answer to the question about where French is spoken. Antarctica is also a continent, but has no native population, so that no language is spoken there except those brought by visitors.

Many countries in North Africa speak French, mainly Morocco.

Yes. Latin America is the cultural region spanning Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and South America. The region includes all countries that speak Spanish, French and Portuguese.

There are many countries that speak French. But the countries that speak French the most are France and Canada because their ancestors spoke French in the past.

French is spoken in not just three but in five continents: Africa, America (North America, South America and the Antilles), Europe, Oceania and Asia. See this link for a list of French speaking countries:

They speak French in Tahiti and French Polynesia

Haiti and the overseas islands of La Guadeloupe, La Martinique in the Carribbean speak French. And the French oversea region of 'la Guyane' (French Guiana), just north of Brazil speaks French.

The following South American countries do not speak Spanish:BrazilSurinameFrench GuianaThe Falkland IslandsThese countries do not speak spanish because they were never colonies of Spain.

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