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Coyotes are prey to cougars and sometimes wolves.

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Prey to coyotes are fish, turtles, rats etc.

Yes, coyotes will prey on raccoons.

Example possessive phrases for the plural noun 'coyotes' are:the coyotes' packthe coyotes' pupsthe coyotes' preythe coyotes' habitat

Yes, raccoons are prey. Raccoons are typically prey to coyotes, mountain lions, owls, and bears.

coyotes often work with badgers to stalk other prey,so no.

Yes, if coyotes and rabbits share a habitat, they will most definitely have a predator/prey relationship. That is the coyotes will eat the rabbits every chance they can get, and there will be chances.

They are prey to carnivores such as coyotes or dogs, but they are predators to vegetables and grass.

snakes, coyotes, birds of prey

No. They are in different places and environments.

Yes they do prey on ducks

Coyotes will prey on anything they can they have taken down neighbors cattle - goats - and a horse-- they will also eat cats -rabbits -and other small animals-- if you see poop with lots of fur in it you probably have coyotes- good luck

Juvenile coyotes eat grasshoppers and other insects. The grasshoppers help the juvenile coyotes learn how to stalk and pounce on their prey.

Yes, beavers are a common prey item of the coyote.

no coyotes are far to big of prey, owls eat mice and other small animals

'''''Wild''''' rabbits are prey to any carnivore larger than itself! Such as snakes, coyotes, and large birds of prey.

humans coyotes and birds of prey

Not really. Dogs only like squeky toys because they resemble prey and coyotes prefer actual prey but they might sniff them for a new scent.

Squirrels are perfect prey items for coyotes because coyotes mainly look for small prey items such as rats and other rodents that include squirrels.

Large carnivores, such as cougars, wolves, coyotes and bobcats may prey on raccoons.

Few animals prey on coyotes as a food source, if ever. Historically, wolves and cougars/mountain lions have competed with coyotes for food and have been known to kill them. Due to the fact that coyotes usually travel in packs of 6 or more, a cougar will tend to avoid them unless provoked.

Coyotes adapt to the grasslands by adjusting the type of food they eat. If there is larger prey around they will hunt in packs. If smaller prey is found than the coyote will hunt alone.

Sheep are herbivores = eat grass Coyotes are carnivores = eat sheep Coyotes are predators (secondary consumers) and sheep are one of their prey (primary consumers).

Wolves, coyotes, bobcats and cougars will prey on raccoons.

Yes to birds, foxes, coyotes, and a lot others

Yes, it is eaten by wolves, foxes, and coyotes.