Crack shot - 26 22 long rifle looking for new barrel?

It is not likely you will find a "new" barrel for these- the Stevens Crackshot went out of production a LONG time ago (one reference says they were made 1899-1910, another says 1913-1939). You MAY be able to find a "new" used barrel- a couple of POSSIBLE sources are, and It may also be POSSIBLE that a skilled gunsmith could take another 22 barrel, and modify it to work, but doing so will lose any colletor's value your rifle has. In very good condition, these little rifles are worth about 200-250, in poor condition about $50. Cute, aren't they? PS- check to be sure you do not have a SMOOTHBORE Crackshot. One version was made without rifling to fire .22 shotshells for pest control.