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Either a dealer or a wrecking yard. You could also take it to a transmission shop and they'll be able to get a replacement part for you. You could also go mail order at a place like this: Although there are plenty of other options.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-25 18:56:43
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Q: Cracked flex-plate on your 1998 Ford Escort automatic transmission you were wondering if anyone knew where to get this part?
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What is the tapping noise when 2002 regal is put into drive?

the doors are being placed in locked position If it's coming from the engine or transmission area, I would suspect a cracked flywheel or flexplate.

What causes oil in the radiator?

hi, blown head gasket, cracked head or block or automatic transmission oil cooler in radiator leaking

97 Jeep Grand Cherokee inline 6 engine knock?

May want to check flexplate, could be cracked.

What is causing rattling noise inside automatic transmission?

Most likely a cracked flex plate making the torque converter nock or the torque converter is bad.

What could cause an engine to idle OK but misfire when put in gear?

could be a number of things cracked distributer cap, bad sparkplugs bad plug leads,setting, or bad igntion condensor if automatic transmission,it could be automatic idle adjustment on engine

What causes cracked transmission case?

I've read that bad u-joints can cause a cracked transmission case. I've also read that bad mounts, shafts out of alignment, jumping the vehicle, engaging the transmission at high RPM, can cause transmission cases to crack.

What is the sytoms of your transmission cooling line being cracked?

Puddles of transmission fluid under the car where ever you park.

Is there a repair for a cracked transmission on a 1999 Dodge Dakota?

Only replacement.

What are suggested services to prolong transmission life for 2004 Honda odyssey with automatic transmission?

Make sure the transmission is never (NEVER) overfilled! Bought one (HONDA Certified Used Car) with the extended warranty and all the service checks before getting out of the dealership. Seems the tech slightly overfilled the transmission when topping off the fluids and pressure built up in the transmission and cracked the case! Good Note!!--Honda took care of the cost of a new (remanufactured) transmission.

Scraping noise in automatic trans while accelerating?

A cracked flex plate (flywheel) could be your problem.

What would cause oil to leak into the antifreeze reservoir on a Chevy Venture?

If it is motor oil in the anti freeze, then it is either a cracked head, cracked engine block, or a head gasket blown. If it is transmission fluid in your antifreeze, then the radiator is leaking from the transmission cooler ----- although usually that would cause antifreeze to be in your transmission fluid.

What are the signs of a cracked flywheel in a 1998 Chevy 350 engine?

If you are really talking about an automatic transmission flex-plate, then a clicking noise at a lower rpm that seems to go away as yoiu wrap up the motor would indicate a crack. A maual transmission's flywheel that is cracked will generally cause the cluth to slip, and eat the clutch disc rapidly. There will be a strong smell!

Why would there be oil in the radiator of a 2006 f350 diesel?

You've probably got either a bad head gasket of a cracked head.That's the only place where the oil and coolant come in close contact. It may be transmission fluid if you have an automatic transmission - check your trans fluid level, and check for milky looking appearance to the trans fluid. The transmission cooler is integrated into the radiator and leaks can develop between the two.

Your transmission is leaking fluid what may be cause?

Common causes of transmission fluid leaks:Worn Transmission Pan SealsWorn Rear Main SealCracked Transmission Fluid LineLeaky Torque ConverterLoose Transmission Pan Bolts

How do you stop antifreeze from getting in your transmission?

A/T have a fluid line that runs through the cooling radiator of your car. My best guess is this tube is cracked inside your radiator. The radiator will needs to be replaced. I am not sure, but I believe that automatic transmissions often use engine coolant for cooling, and I suspect that there is a leak in the transmission. Transmission fluid cooling radiators are separate from the engine radiator, and transmission fluid is pumped through them by a pump. They usually are not stock items, but have to be added on. You probably should take the vehicle to a transmission shop, and have them check it out. Coolant will dilute the transmission fluid, and possibly corrode the transmission parts.

Why is transmission fluid in the coolant in your 1994 Pontiac Grand Am?

The radiator has a transmission cooling tank in it. Evidently the tank has cracked. You may have a crack in your radiator your transmission cooling line runnz in your radiator good luck

What does it sound like when the transmission in a vehicle is failing?

If it is a manual transmission it may make a whining noise or, if it is really falling apart, a grinding sound. If it is an automatic, they usually don't make any particular noise. Most of the functions are pressure valves so the transmission just doesn't shift properly or won't move when in gear. If you are geyying a grinding noise but the transmission seems to be functioning okay you probably need to have the flywheel inspected to see if the starter is dragging or the flywheel has broken or cracked.

What are the chances of your transmission working properly if your radiator cracked?

not good since most transmission coolers are inside the radiator. if you drive a car with a cracked radiator you can overheat the trans fluid causing the fluid to break down and also you run the risk of damaging the head/head gasket(s).

What causes a bad fly wheel on an automatic transmission car?

The flywheel can be cracked or the teeth on the flywheel can be broken or worn. Either of these conditions require the flywheel be replaced. I would also replace the starter when replacing the flywheel. This will prevent damage to the new flywheel from the worn teeth on the old starter.

If your 1989 Honda Accord was hit on the front right tire caving the tire in bending the axle and of course the frame does the axle affect the transmission?

If the transmission housing is not cracked there is a good chance that the trans is OK. Sometimes the axle absorbs all the shock. If the housing is cracked then you may have trans problems. Mark

What is Knocking noise on start up worse at norm temp new engine mountings helped looking at gearbox mountings sounds like exhaust hitting but isnt also sounds like coming from bell-housing y61 patrol?

you have a cracked flywheel/flexplate

That America state flag what does it mean?

it means that you obviously don't know the difference between a state and a counrty...were you high when you asked this? just wondering...because this cracked me up.

What is a crack axle 2000 Nissan Altima?

A Nissan Altima with a cracked axle. Meaning the part that connects your tire to the transmission is broken....

How do you repair an oil leak in the transmission of a 1996 Dodge Avenger ES?

the gasket on the transmission pan has more then likely cracked, your gonna need a new automatic transmission pan gasket and you my as well get the filter too it is only 5 bucks. 14 bolts under the car, open one side first to let the tranny fluid drain and when its done dripping remove it, clean it up, put the new filter in it pops right on and off, place the gasket, and put the pan back on

Why would a 1993 RX7 not shift into reverse?

Throwout bearing, bent/cracked clutch fork, and Poor clutch pressure are other potential causes. Transmission failure. Broken gears or transmission parts have become wedged in the path to the reverse gear. Rebuild transmission.