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Cubic centiliter cc?

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No. cc's are Cubic CentiMETRES. It's a measure of volume using lengths.

A centilitre is already an expression of volume, so does not involve the use of cubic, in front of it.

A centilitre is one hundredth of a litre.

A cc is a thousandth of a litre. 1000cc = litre

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Is there such a thing as Centiliters?

Yes, a centiliter (cL) is a unit for measuring the volume of a liquid or gas that is equal to 1/100 liter or 10 cubic centimeters (cc).

How many cubic inches are in 1000 cc?

one cubic inch equals 16.387 cubic centimeters (cc). One cc equals .061ci (cubic inch).For converting cc's to cubic inches, the formula is: cc ÷ 16.387 = ci The formula for converting cubic inches to cc is: cubic inches x 16.387 = ccso One liter or 1000 cc equals 61.023 cubic inches

How do you convert cubic centimeters to cc?

'cc' is the abbreviation for 'cubic centimeter'.

How do you convert cubic mm to cc?

Cubic mm x 0.001 = cc

179 cc is what in cubic inches?

179 cc = 10.923 cubic inches.

How do you prove 1 ml is the same as 1 cc?

10 milliliter is the same an 1 centiliter 10 milliliter is the same an 1 centiliter

What is the plural of cc as in cubic centimeters?

If cc stands for cubic centimetres, and the word centimentres is plural, then cc is plural.

How many cubic how many cubic inches is a 6.4 L engine?

It would be about 391 cubic inches. This is from the following conversions: 6.4 L = 6400 cubic centimeters (cc). And then 1 cc = 0.061 cubic inch, so 6400 cc x 0.061 cubic inch/cc = 390.5 cubic inch.

How many cubic inches are in 1600 cc?

1600 cc is about 97.6 cubic inches.

What is the plural of cc?

Assuming that cc stands for cubic centimetre, then the plural is cubic centimetres.

900 cc is how many cubic inch?

900 cc = 54.92 cubic inches.

How many Cubic inches in 1130 cc?

1,130 cc = 68.96 cubic inches.

How many cubic inches are there in 3800 cc?

there are,321.89 cubic inches in 3800 cc

Convert 3000 cc cubic inches?

3,000 cc is 183 cubic inches.

If you have 113 cubic inch engine what are the cc?

113 cubic inches is about 1,851.7 cc

How many cc in a inch?

There are 16.387 Cubic Centimeters (cc) in 1 Cubic Inch.

What would be the nearest cubic cc to 1575?

If that amount is cubic cc, it's already there.

1052 cc is how many cubic inches?

1,052 cc = 64.2 cubic inches.

How many cubic centimeter is 1.5 cubic meter?

1 cubic metre = 1,000,000 cc so 1.5 cubic metres = 1,500,000 cc.

Why does cc stand for cubic centimeters?

The 'cc' comes from the first two letters of cubic centimeters.

Fifty cubic inches equals how many cc?

50 cubic inches = 819.35 cc

20 cc equals how many cubic inches?

20 cc = 1.22 cubic inches.

1 cubic inch is how many milliliters?

1000 CC = 1 Liter 1 CC = 1 mililiter CC = Cubic Centimeter 1 Inch = 2.54 Centimeter 1 Cubic Inch = 2.54 * 2.54 * 2.54 Cubic Centimeter = 16.387064 CC = 16.39 CC 1 Cubic Inch = 16.39 mililiters Mehdi

What is a cc?

well a cc on an engine is cubic centameter

What is cc in 200cc?

The cc stands for cubic centimeters.

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