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Problem with the A/T. I suggest you take it to a Honda dealer or a trusted transmission professional.

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It means the car needs servicing.

There is a problem with the A/T. Seek professional help.

It's the transmission need to replace it.

Problem with the A/T seek professional help immediately.

Usually when the D4 light flashes it means there is a tranny problem.

It means there is a problem with the A/T. Seek professional help.

It means there is a problem with the transmission. Seek out a trusted professional for repair.

I had speedo problems in my '90 prelude. It was the speedo sensor. It worked sometimes, but, when it kicks out, you feel it because the computer adjusts air / fuel etc based on the speed you are going, and it no longer has this information.

The D4 light on a Honda Accord is the transmission warning light. These come on when there is a malfunction on the transmission. For the problem to be diagnosed properly the vehicle should be taken to a dealership.

the d4 flashes when the ecu has detected a problem you will have to get the codes pulled from the ecu to diagnose the problem or switch off the ignition leave for a few seconds then restart should go away. Make sure the car is fully stopped between changes from reverse to drive.

How do I troubleshooting the D4 blinking on 1993 Honda accord LX ?

Check your coolant level. Make sure you have enought being your overdrive is temperature operated. If your have a CEL or blinking D4 light. Have those checked out as that may be the reason for your problem also.

Had the same problem and changed the Variable Speed Sensor and it solved the problem for me. I have a 1994 Accord LX sedan.

It should be related to trasmission part mechanical or electronic, any noise or adnormal during acceleration? Try to replace the transmission fluid first, if D4 lights still blinks, then should be the sensor problem. At the mean time, the Km meter also shows up and down and not reflecting the actual speed.

The D4 light on a Honda Accord is the symbol for the 'check transmission' light. This light appears when the computer senses something wrong in the drivetrain. The computer should be diagnosed at a proper repair shop in order to source out what exactly is causing the problem.

A flashing D4 light on Honda Accords is commonly the result of a bad speed sensor. The speed sensor is located on the transmission and sends a signal to the speedometer and a signal telling the transmission when to shift.

There are lots of ways you could do it. The formula in A1 could be any of these: =D4*0.9 =D4*90% =D4-(D4*10%) =D4-(D4*0.1)

There is a problem with the transmission and you need to get it to either honda or a mechanic.

it means your motor is about too shut down and or is overheating.

Replace your AT Control Unit (Automatic Transmission Computer)

speed sensor is out or is going out. your speedometer is out too right?

AnswerI've got the same problem on a 92 legend. The D4 flashes after about 3 minutes of driving and does not stop until shut off.No engine light, no problems with the way it drives or shifts.I bought a HELMS manual and they show how to apply a wire to short across the ECM and the D4 light will flash a "code", telling you what the problem is.I'm tracking down that now.DonIt happened to my 91 Legend. It meant thet my vehicle speed sensor was no good.

Indicates a problem with the automatic transmission. Seek professional help.

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