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DOEs rouge love knUCKLES?

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rouge always make fun of knuckles but she realy loves him.knuckles had a crush with rouge but thats all.sega must make an episode with knuckles and rouge and in this episode must be a kiss scene.don't you agree with me.sega must do that.

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Does rouge love shadow or kuckels?

shadow love rouge yes,but knux is love tikal no rouge this is a true!!!!!!!! Rouge is in love with Knuckles. It was revealed in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. And Shadow loves no one. rouge loves knuckles cause she always flared with him in sonic x

Are Knuckles and Rogue in love?

No they aren't, mostly Knuckles and Rouge are seen as enemies. Rouge does in fact have a crush on Knuckles but Knuckles has doesn't have the same feelings for Rouge, Rouge says that he's cute when he's angry but Knuckles feels disgusted over that.

Do knuckles and rouge love each other?

Rouge likes Knuckles but Knuckles doesn't really like Rouge much, he thinks she is pretty annoying cause she hangs around Knuckles so much

Does knuckles love rouge or sonia?

Okay, Knuckles loves Rouge. Not only did SEGA confirm it, but Sonia won't be incorporated in anymore Sonic games. Rouge is a major character and will be reincorporated. So yes, Knuckles and Rouge do love each other.

Will Knuckles fall in love with Rouge?

Nothing has been released confirming or denying Knuckles' feelings towards Rouge.

Does Knuckles love Rouge?

he does not love rouge the bat rouge likes him and flirts with him but also knuckles is already married and has a daughter so i dont think he likes rouge

Does rouge the bat love knuckles?

Yes ohoho

Does Tails love Rouge?

No, he's in love with Cosmo the seedrian, Knuckles loves Rouge though.

Do knuckles and rouge love eachother?

Rouge likes Knuckles, but we can't say more about their feelings since SEGA doesn't say anything more about it.

Is Knuckles the Echidna in love with anyone?

According to the Archie Comics, Knuckles is in love with Julie-Su. While according to SEGA, Rouge has a crush on him even though he (Knuckles) doesn't love her.

Does Knuckles like Rouge or Shade?

Cannonly Knuckles has feelings for Rouge.

When knuckles fall in love with rouge?

He may one day, it is possible.

Who is rouge the bat crushing on?

The answer is Knuckles the Enchilada, but she likes Shadow the most because she is always with him. She had a crush on Knuckles but since he wasn't paying attention to her, she is now in love with Shadow. Rouge used to have a crush on Knuckles, but now it is said that she likes both knuckles AND Shadow. P.s. Shadow does not like Amy or Takil. Rouge the bat loves Knuckles, and Knuckles loves Rouge back. In the one episode of Sonic, Knuckles is blushing when Rouge is next to him.

Do shadow and rouge love each other?

Nope. There is more chemistry between Rouge and Knuckles than Shadow and her.

Does rouge kiss knuckles?

look up knuckles and rouge some show them kissing.

Who is stronger Rouge or knuckles?

knuckles of course

What does SEGA say about rouge and knuckles?

most likely they say that rouge and knuckles like each other as friends but knuckles dosen't like rouge very much.

Does Knuckles have a crush on Amy Rose the hedgehog or Rouge the bat?

Knuckles has a crush on rouge the bat.

Does rouge like nuckels?

No, Knuckles Hates rouge the bat. For your information, You spelled Knuckles wrong.

Who is knuckles really in love with?

Knuckles is in love with a girl named Juliana Buongiovanni

Why does rouge like knuckles?

It is uncertain whether Rouge actually likes Knuckles or Shadow. Even though Rouge was created to be a romantic partner for Knuckles, SEGA has been shown to have mixed interests about this idea. If Rouge does indeed like Knuckles, it is probably because of Knuckles' determination to protect the master emerald.

When rouge fall in love with knuckles?

It was reveald in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle that she has a crush on him.

Is Rouge the Bat in love with Shadow the Hedgehog?

As of yet, Rouge has not been stated to have feelings for any character with the exception of her crush on Knuckles.

Why does Rouge like Knuckles and not Shadow?

Because SEGA officialy accepted relationship between Knuckles and Rouge.

Why does knuckles have any feelings?

Knuckles does have feelings for rouge and he kind of shows it...... BUT I HATE ROUGE! SO DOES MY FRIEND!