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DSL is an example of what kind of connection?


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DSL is an example of broadband connection.

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There are numerous amounts of different DSL providers out on the market today. When choosing a dsl connection there are numerous things you need to look at. For example, what will you be using the internet for. What speed capabilities do you need and how much are you willing to pay will help you determine the approriate DSL connection.

DSL Extreme boasts faster connection speeds at a rate comparable to a lesser connection speed at DSL. The customer service at DSL extreme is better and fastter than the one at DSL.

You need a DSL line and a DSL modem for a home connection. Contact your local phone company or ISP for a connection.

It works with a broadband connection. dsl=broadband, therefore should work (unless you have a slow dsl connection.

you dont have to have dsl,you just have to have a broadband connection.

The device on a DSL connection that requires a filter is the phone lines. -big-elk

Does a DSL connection need to go through my telephone company?

DSL connection and also broadband is very good services for providing internet. But rather than DSL go for broadband if possible

A type of internet connection using the phone line. Check out IVC for internet plans in Canada

a dsl connection is as fast as my abuelitos car ;)

The main difference between a DSL connection and a dial up connection is that the latter uses a phone line and a modem to connect to the Internet and you cannot use the phone while trying to make a connection. A DSL connection is much faster, you can talk on the phone while being connected to the Internet and the connection is always on.

DSL if available, if it is not, then dial-up.

Local connection just means you have an ethernet chord plugged into you computer. If internet connection through your DSL is down, you don't have internet services. What company do you have DSL through? If you are in the Midwest, look into the possibility of getting AT&T Uverse.

Diamond SupraMax DSL642WLG Wireless DSL Modem Router is a highspeed modem ideal for DSL connection. It allows the maximum 24 Mbps downstream data rate and up to 1024 Kbps upstream data rate, making it one of the fastest modems for its price.

yes dsl is much faster then dial up but for dsl you need to have a modem

form_title=Find a DSL Provider form_header=Wire your residence or business for DSL internet services. How fast of a connection did you want to buy?=_ Do you have a land phone line?= () Yes () No Do you want an always on connection or DSL dial up?= () Always On () Dial-Up Who is your current dsl provider?=_

1. Ther is no limit if we are using Optical Fiber DSL Connection 2. There is limit depend on number of nodes

go to start-> control panel-> network connection and create a new connection, make it dsl

DSL speed gets slower when you are further away from the central office and utilizing the connection.

The most obvious difference between DSL and cable internet is speed, as cable is much faster. However, they are physically different in that a DSL connection is typically done through a phone line while a cable connection does not require this. DSL internet is usually cheaper and can be available in areas that cable is not.

The difference between Dial up and DSL connection, Dial up connection can only offer a top speed of 56k a second while DSL connectin ca The difference between Dial up and DSL connection, Dial up connection can only offer a top speed of 56k a second while DSL connectin can offer you speed of 6 Mb/sec and faster. DSL foes over your phone lines just like normal dial up that you need to be within range of your provider and they have to rent you a DSL modem so you can pick the DSL.

Generally, it is the telephone that needs a DSL filter. Otherwise, static and high frequency noises from the DSL connection will enter into the voice channel and make the telephone harder to hear.

A cable internet connection is best unless you live very close to a DSL hub. Regular cable internet is faster than high speed DSL in most cases and high speed cable is even faster.

A means of providing access to the Frame Relay network over a DSL connection

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