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mine does this too (nubira estate cdx 01). I turn the engine off and restart and it goes off. sorry, can't offer more than that


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I have a 2000 Daewoo Nubira and I had the control arm replaced and it fixed the problem.

A fuse box diagram for a 2001 Daewoo Nubira can be found on the inside of the panel cover of the fuse box. It can also be found in the owners manual to the car.

Daewoo Nubira was created in 1997.

take cover off from fuse box and diagram is inside of cover

where is the engine number on a 1997 daewoo nubira

how do i get free workshop manual for daewoo nubira For free Daewoo Nubira UK version go to

google daewoo nubira fan belt & select "images", there you will see a diagram of how it goes.

Have vehicle scanned to determine the problem

How do you flush the transmission fuel from a 2000 Daewoo Nubira

hoe tdo you change a valve cover gasket on a daewoo nubira

2000 Nubira, same problem, no water flow from block to heater, core not blocked, runs fine????????????

i need how much pression (torque) for head daewoo nubira 2001 2.0

I have a daewoo nubira and i use regular anti freeze works fine if otherwise find a daewoo dealer or gm dealer for more infor.

yes change the filter & the fuel can solve your problem

If you are interested in finding out the value of a used Daewoo Nubira then you will find a variety of websites available. The Kelley Blue Book and Motor Trend are just a few of the websites that can assist you in determining the value of a used Daewoo Nubira.

In 2000 Daewoo Nubira the ECM is located on the front passenger side wall by the front passenger right foot.

when the car is cold the ingine not run unitil i remove the battery also inicate service daewoo nubira one model 1999

The Nubira has no brake drums, it has disc brakes on all 4 wheels.

Is your timing belt broken?

daewoo nubira does not run a heater tap ,its ahs coolant flowing through the heater core and is directed by a flap to hot or cold

The Daewoo Nubira CDX has 16 valves - it is a 2 litre 16 valve double overhead camshaft 4 cylinder made by GMH in Australia!

According to the Gates website ( they make timing belts etc. ) the ( 2.0 liter engine ) in a 2002 Daewoo Nubira ( is an interference engine )

The fuel pump on a 2000 nubira is under the back seat on the passenger side.

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