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Q: Dash lights quit working in Toyota t100?
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The brake lights tail lights and dash lights quit working?

check your ground wires...they might be loose or detached.

What would cause the dash lights and fuel gauge to quit working on a 1993 Ford Ranger?

Bad dash ground.

The dash lights and tail lights quit working on my 95 mark VIII lsc?

The two items commonly share a power fuse.

2000 Cadillac dts Dash board lights not working?

There are several things that can cause your 2000 Cadillac dashboard lights to quit working. The most common cause is a blown fuse.

Why would the brake lights on a 1985 Toyota Camry quit working?

Check bulbs Fuse Stop light switch

Why would all gauges backup lights and heater quit working on 89 Toyota pickup 22R?

you have a shorting wire someplace

Your dash lights in a 1990 ford probe quit working while driving why?

with any electical problems the first thing you should check is the fuse

Your dash lights quit working you have checked the fuses all seem to be fine is there a relay or something else im missing?

It could also be the dash light switch. Did you check the fuse panel under the hood?

1999 Chevy s-10 blazer ls dash lights quit working?

could be several reasons, dash light dimmer switch is turned off or bad, bulbs are blown out or fuse is blown out.

Why my headlight in my Chevy impala don't work properly?

Replace the light sensor, it is under dash, 22$ at auto zone, my head lights quit working at night, but brake ligjts & fog lights still worked

Why is it that the lights on the left side of your car and your dash lights quit?

you probably need to change your fuses you probably need to change your fuses

Why did the fiber optic lights on your Christmas tree quit working?

If the fiber optic lights on your Christmas tree go stop working, it can mean the light unit is bad. Other reasons the lights may quit working are that a bulb is loose or bad or the plugs are not connected securely.

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