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12TH May 1982, he was six years old.

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How many golf tournaments has Tiger Woods entered?

Tiger Woods has won 70 PGA tournaments to date.

What date was Tiger Woods married?

He was married in October 2004.

What date did Tiger Woods became a professional golfer?

'Tiger' Woods turned pro in late summer 1996 aged 20His real name is Eldrick Tont Woods

When does Tiger Woods 2011 come out?

Mid September no confirmed date as of yet.

How many girls did Tiger Woods date when he was married?

He didn't exactly date them, reports suggest at least 18.

Tiger Woods wifes date of birth?

Elin Maria Pernilla Nordegren was born 1st January 1980.

Tiger woods total PGA earnings from 1997 to date?

In late 2009 he became the first sportsperson to earn a billion dollars, so by now he is probably just slightly over that.

What was the date of Tiger Woods marriage?

Why do you guys care let the poor old man live his life....his personaly life god man get a lifeee!!

When was the tiger first discovered?

Before history set up a date for the discovery.

How much does Tiger Woods make in just golf no endorsements?

The best indication of how much Tiger Woods earns from golf alone is telling you how much his on course earnings were in 2007. This was his best season to date. He earned $22,906,702, this includes $10 million for winning the Fed Ex cup.

Will Tiger Woods play in the masters?

No one knows. He has not set a comeback date, but many people anticipate he will have played a couple events before it and then play the Masters also.

What was Tiger Woods main accomplishments?

The yard stick against which all professional golfers are measured is major championships, to date, he has won 14 (second all time).

Is soccer the richest sport?

if you mean in revenues , it runs close to the Formula1 , however, again depending on ticket sales and salaries, the richest sport person to date is Golfer Tiger Woods.

What's John Woods birthday?

john woods date of birth he was in the revolutionary war

What will a tiger do if another tiger dies?

they would just found another mate to date.

What is Sergio Garcia's claim to fame?

Sergio Garcia is a prodigy golf pro from Spain. Most of his most notable matches to date have been exquisitely played against rival prodigy golf pro Tiger Woods.

What is majorie bridges-woods birth date?

hat is majorie bridges- woods birthdate . she is steve Harvey's wife

How many tigers are in the cat family?

Which is the tiger or Panthera tigris. However, there are nine known subspecies of tiger to date.

Is it okay to date a guy who has a girlfriend?

Ask his girlfriend. Some relationships are open like that but most aren't. Rather than ask him and risk your reputation, ask her. Answer: Um personally, NO. uh not a lot of girls or woman like to share there boyfriends and if they do then it wasn't that serious in the first place, because when you love someone, you don't want to share them. And if the guy does try to date you and his girl, then he's another Tiger Woods and Jesse James.

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