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Day Release of kingdom heart 3?


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There is no Kingdom Hearts 3. All of those videos and pictures are fanmade believe it or not. Besides Sora isn't even in the next Kingdom Hearts.

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That day has not been announced as of yet, since Nomura seems more focused on the release of 358/2 Days. It will most likely be for the PlayStation 3 however.

Yes but there is no fixed release date

Yes but there is no release date right now

Yes, the old Kingdom Heart game can be played on the PlayStation 3. They also have the newest Kingdom Heart game coming out in 2014.

There is no fixed date yet.

Kingdom Hearts 3 hasn't been announced as a title yet.

There is no Kingdom Hearts 3. All of those videos and pictures are fanmade believe it or not. If your talking about Birth by Sleep, Which is often referred to as KH3. It comes out on December 31, 2010.Kingdom Heart is an entertaining game series. It combines Disney characters and anime characters. Square Enix still, however, has the release date of Kingdom Hearts 3 under wraps, so it isn't specified yet.

No in the credits of kh3d kingdom hearts 3 was confirmed.

Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories is available from amazon for $16.90 new and there is not a Kingdom Hearts III game

There is no true kingdom hearts 3 but there are multiple other kingdom hearts titles like Kngdom hearts 365/2

It Comes Out November 08

Such Is the Kingdom - 1911 was released on: USA: 3 May 1911

If Sora dies then yes but i dont know.

Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories December 2, 2008 was the next release after Kingdom Hearts II March 28, 2006. Kingdom Hearts 3 was not released as a title

yes, there will be a ''kingdom hearts three- keyblade war'' you can watch the trailler at.....

Kingdom Hearts Chain Of Memories came out in 2011. The timing of the release was determined by the company. It is possible there will not be a version named Kingdom Hearts 3.

yes and there are rumors that it will be on 2nd generation consoles like the wii 2, but kingdom hearts dream drop distance for the 3ds kinda collides with the story line of kingdom hearts 3

There Probably might be but The Release Date is Unknown.

No, and a release date has yet to be announced.

count the years between kingdom hearts one and two release date, add that to kingdom hearts two release date, and that's your answer (most likely, there is no confirmed release date).

There will not be a Kingdom Hearts 3 for PS2 unless you mean Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories Release Date: December 2, 2008

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