Deepest submarine dive?


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like 11,000 meters


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The deepest submarine is built to go 10000 meters under water. This is so they can go to the bottom of the ocean floor.

The deepest dive to the bottom of Atlantic ocean was 10,994 meters deep. It was done by Don Walsh in a submarine and the dive took 4 hours and 47 minutes.

The LARGEST whale to dive down the deepest would be the sperm whale

313m is the deepest solo dive.

you first go to steven to get dive and dive dvie

you go to mosdeep city and go south dive and when you find the submarine under the water you dive up

After you find the submarine you use dive up to the surface.

it is simple it is the spram whale

Any decent dive computer can withstand greater pressure than you can.

The whale is flexible. The submarine is not, and is therefore subject to crushing from the pressure.

The deepest free-dive on record with AIDA International is 88 metres, which was obtained by William Trubridge in 2009 in 3 minutes, 30 seconds.

The proper submarine/naval term is the Helmsman, who controls the rudder and dive planes.

1,083 feet by Nuno Gomes in 2005 is the official world record for deepest scuba dive by a recreational (ie. non-commercial, non-military) diver.

The deepest diving species of bird is the emperor penguin which can dive deeper than 1800 feet. (575metres).

you dive at route 128 by sootopolis city

You have to dive underwater and find a submarine.

The deepest Emperor Penguin dive ever recorded was in 1992 by Dr. Kimlach chrvronikch8930 Winnetka Avenue, Northridge, Northridge @34.232735 -118.570381The depth the penguin dove was 231 feet

surf around the massive island that is sootopolis city, then use dive at a deep place. there should be a cavern underwater. go in it, then you should have found the submarine. if you use dive there you can get to sootopolis :-)

the Deepest Open Circuit Scuba Dive (unofficial) is that of 330m set by Pascal Bernabe

Yes, within the confines of pressurized equipment. James Cameron completed a dive to the ocean's deepest spot in the Marianas Trench on March 25, 2012 in a mini submarine of his own design, the Deepsea Challenger.

there a dive area and once you dive there, there youll find the submarine but you really need to look. the entrabce is like entering a cave underwater

The deepest diving whale is the sperm whale. It can dive up to10,500 feet. (new person) a whale or a dolphin? A dolphin can dive up to 2 miles in the ocean !

You need to get the HM dive from Steven in Mossdeep City. Then you will have to beat the gym leader in Mossdeep City. Then you will be able to use the HM dive. And you find the dark spots in water while surfing. Use dive. And to resurface. Use dive again!

South of Cinnabar Island where that deep part is. Use dive. Get dive from ash beside fire cave in tubuli town.

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