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Define external validity?

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is the extent to which the results of study apply to people not in it

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Define validity generalization Explain how validity is determined and list three types of validity?

Validity generalization is a statistical approach used to demonstrate that test validities do not vary across situations

Define the condition?

A condition is a state at a particular time. It is an assumption on which rests the validity.

What is the define for internal feedback?

What is external feedback

What is breathing property of external paint define?


Define internal client?

what does internal and external client mean?

How do you Define pharmaceutical ointment?

Semisolid preparation for external application

Define external record?

External record is simply defined as case of data that is collected from outside. This is commonly used as a representation of proof in form of external files.

Define output unit?

In computers, a unit which delivers information from the computer to an external device or from internal storage to external storage

What are internal or external features that define a character in a story or narrative?

Character traits

What is the define of mutagen?

An external agent that increases the rate of mutations of cells or organisms.

Define the word environment?

The external conditions, resources and stimuli ect. with which an organism interacts.

What are three things that define a mineral?

Atomic structure, Chemical composition and External form.

Name and define all the external parts of a computer?

To name and define all external parts of a computer depends largely on the system being examined. Common external parts of a desktop, for example, include the tower, monitor, speakers, keyboard, and mouse. Some may add printers, scanners, and the likes to this list.

Define permanent magnet?

(n.) a magnet that retains its magnetism after being removed from an external magnetic field

What is the first step you would take when troubleshooting an external network such as an Internet connection issue?

define the problem

Define external growth?

External growth refers to a company buying or merging with other companies in order to expand their business. There are numerous companies that do this to add more products to their company.

Define internal validity?

Internal validity is higher when you stop confounding variables interfering with the experiment (things that effect the results). Internal validity occurs when a researcher controls all confounding variables and the only variable influencing the results of a study is the one being manipulated by the researcher. This means that the variable the researcher intended to study is indeed the one affecting the results and not something else.

Define frame of reference?

Frame of reference is used to delineate that differing perspectives will have different interpretations. Consciousness concerning frame of reference is useful when evaluating the validity of claims.

Are worms an arthopod?

No, worms are not arthropods because they do not have a shell. All arthropods have an external shell or an exoskeleton which is used to define them or classify them.

How do you define a scientific problem for a project?

You write down the facts/observation you have and what those. You then come up with an possible explanation for what the facts/observations tell you . Following that you describe what you will do to test the validity of your explanation.

Are the four general categories that help define the breadth of an insurgency?

Local, Local external support, local global support, and global

Define extrinsic motivation?

Extrinsic motivation refers to something external that encourages someone to do something. This could include the promise or possibility of a reward.

Define the external data bus?

In computers, the bus is the subsystem that transfers data between internal parts of the computer, or from internal parts of the computer to external parts, or between two computers. External bus can be parallel (ATA (and all of its derivations), IEEE-488, SCSI) or serial (USB, FireWire, etc.).

Define law of inertia?

An object remain i6 its state of rest of uniform motion in straight line unless it is acted upon by an external force.

Define what inertia is?

the property of matter by which it retains its state of rest or its velocity along a straight line so long as it is not acted upon by an external force