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Define food chain and food web?

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Food Chain

A simple chain of feeding relationship between three or four organisms is called a food chain.

Food Web

A food web is a diagram, of some sort, that links at least two food chains together. Food webs describe how energy is passed throughout a section of an ecosystem (or an entire ecosystem).

An example of a food web:

[ Grass ] -> [ Zebra ] -v

[ Leaf ] -> [ Giraffe ] - [ Lion ]
The transfer of food energy from the source in plants through a series of organisms with repeated eating and being eaten is the Food Chain. The interlocking pattern of Food Chains makes up the Food Web.
A food chain traces the movement of energy flow from one organism to the next. A chain usually starts with an autotroph that converts energy from the sun into chemical energy (glucose). The passing of energy occurs when a heterotroph (organisms that collect chemical energy that is created by other organisms) consumes an autotroph. A food chain doesn't accurately show all the kinds of organisms that each heterotroph can consume to get energy from, so scientists invented food webs to display the various pathways that energy movement can happen in an ecosystem.

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the difference is that a food chain is smaller then a food web because a food web is more animals then a food chain

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komodo food chain not a real chain komodo food chain not a real food web

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because a food web is a overlapping food chain

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A food chain is different from a food web, but a food chain always starts with a producer (plant) and it ends with a decomposer. I don't think a food web has a beginning or end.

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A food web is a web with linking organisums. A foodd chain is basic. A food web is way more complecated. More animals are involved with a food web.

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