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A kind of hardware description language (HDL) used in describing the registers of a computer or digital electronic system, and the way in which data is transferred between them.

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Define binary language?

binary language is a low level language.

How do you deliver a seminar on pollination and its agents and how its transfer takes place with those agents?

Define pollination Define the methods of pollination Define the agents of pollination Explain how the transfer take place, site a specific example of each

What is define in Tagalog language?

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xml stands for extensible markup language, xml is a markup language that is used to transfer data / information. Dtd stands for document type definitionand dtd is used to define the legal building blocks of an XML document.

Define and explain the concept of reading?

Reading, according to dictionary.com, is defined as, "The oral interpretation of a written language." The concept of reading is simply put as your brain "decoding" the text in front of you, so they your mind can register it.

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It is the blueness of an item.

Define dtl in sql?

data transaction languagedata transaction languagedata transaction language data transaction languagedata transaction language

Define vulgar language?

Vulgar language - language that displays a lack of manners, taste; coarse and not refined; low-class.

Does xml replace html in the future of world wide web?

XML probably will not replace HTML. XML is a language to define categories of data. HTML is a language to define format.

Define the three methods of thermal energy transfer?

Conduction, convection, and radiation.

How do you define communication?

Transfer of Information There must be a sender and a receiver for communication to occur.

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What are user define data types and behave like built-in types of a programming language?

classes are user define data types and behave like built-in types of a programming language

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Mass- a measure of how much space an object takes up

Define oxidation and reduction in terms of hydrogen transfer?

Oxidation and reduction in terms of hydrogen transferOxidation is loss of hydrogen.Reduction is gain of hydrogen.

How would you define the letters HTML?

Hyper Text Markup Language

What is node in c language?

No such predefined type, so you can define it as you wish.

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