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The water cycle is where it rains goes to a lake or the sea then evaporates back to the clouds.

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Q: Define water cycle
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What is an non example for rock cycle?

water cycle

What do water cycle mean?

the water cycle is the cycle of water and what it goes through

Why is thair water in the water cycle?

Water is regulated in water cycle. Hence, water is involved in water cycle.

What cycle has water as an end product?

the water cycle The water cycle. (It ends as rain - which is water.)

Why is water cycle is important cycle?

Water cycle regulates water. Hence it is important.

What does the water cycle transport?

the water cycle transports water

What is the synonym for water cycle?

Hydrological cycle is the synonym for water cycle. Hydro means water.

Are there poems about the water cycle?

yes there is a poem about the water cycle you could go to water cycle poems and ther will be many poems about the water cycle

Does the water cycle ensure that you have a water cycle of fresh water?

Yes, water cycle ensure that we can have fresh water. It helps in recycling the water.

What does hydrological cycle mean in the water cycle?

it is the scientific term for the water cycle

How does the water cycle happen?

How does the water cycle happen?

What makes the cloud?

water cycle water cycle

Outline the water cycle?

the water cycle is continuous

What else can the water cycle be called?

The cycle of water

Why do we need the water cycle?

why do we need a water cycle

What has to do with the water cycle?

Water cycle recycles water. It is important for life.

What do water mean?

the water cycle is the cycle of water and what it goes through

Are humans interfering with the water cycle?

Yes, humans are interfering with water cycle. They are disturbing the water cycle.

Describe the process of water cycle?

describe the water cycle between the water cycle and the others studied?

Are plants related to the water cycle?

Yes, plants are related to water cycle. They are the component of water cycle.

What are differences between the rock cycle and the water cycle?

The rock cycle is slower than the water cycle.

The water cycle is also called the what cycle?

The water cycle is also called the hydro-logic cycle.

The water cycle is also called?

The water cycle can also be called the hydraulic cycle or the hydrologic cycle.

What is the importance of the water cycle nitrogen cycle and carbon cycle?

to create a water cycle of carbon dixide.

What happens during condensation in a water cycle?

In the water cycle, condensation, is where water vapor cools, and forms into water droplets. water cycle