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Shear Force: Sum of all Vertical Forces Whose acting on a Beam but Sum of all vertical Forces must be equal to Zero.

Bending Moment: The Product of Force And Displacement is known as Bending moment.


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MAXIMUM SHEAR force bending moment is zero shear force change inside is called bending moment

shear force will be nil when bending moment is maximum

On SFD's and BMD's: The shear force will be 0, the shear force is the derivative of the bending moment at a point on shear force and bending moment diagrams. Otherwise: It depends on the loading.

The importance of shear force and bending moment diagram in mechanics lies in structural design and in deflection of beams.

It depends on the loading conditions and what you are drawing the diagrams of, however the bending moment diagram is the integral of the shear force diagram

shear force is maximum at support and zero at centre Bending moment maximum at centre and zero at support for all simply supported beams.. shear force acts on a place and it induce on a direct place where the loads are transfered.. bending moment act with reference to lever arm distance., (B.M = force X Distance) unit for shear force is KN unit for mending moment is Kn.m

The maximum bending moment is located at the point where shear is zero. This occurs because shear is the mathematical derivative of bending moment, and the maximum bending moment occurs when its derivative (i.e. Shear) is zero.


Shear is the rate at which bending moment changes or shear is its derivative with respect to span. The integral, bending moment, goes through a maximum when shear goes from positive to negative or vice-versa.

There is no relationship. If the only tool used not just cut a piece to be bent.

The BM diagram can help you in the calculation of the shear force and the bending moment.

To determine the internal shear forces and moments at any given point on a rigid body.

bending moment in columnsatL/2 maximum and atL/4 minimum. Laps must be below the L/4 at both end.

If you know the shear force diagram of an object you can often derive the bending moment, the angle of rotation and the deflection diagrams. If you know the shear force at a point in an object and some dimensions, you can work out the stress and strain at that point

By joining civil engineering courses By knowing nature of force(udl/concentric),reactions,support moments,shear force etc.

An ideal truss has pin joint connections, allowing laod to be taken only in tension and not in bending or shear. In reality, truss joints are not pinned, and do carry some moment and shear, but because tensile stiffness dominates, the moments and shears are small and called secondary.

the shear force diagram and the bending moment diagram are two separate diagrams each depicting their respective quantities.shear force and bending moment diagrams are extremely important as these two diagrams give what is needed of the beam that is to be designed. the procedure of sectioning the beam and finding the system of forces at the section is the most fundamental approach. for example the bending moment diagram can show at one glimpse the point of beam which is going to experience the maximum loading conditions and this point can be selected as the minimum requirement of the beam.

in strength of material, u studied shear force and bending moment diagram for static load ( load position is fixed) but influence line diagram is used to draw shear force diagram and bending moment diagram for moving load (load position varies with distance).. Recomended books, CS REDDY & BC PUNMIA.. or email me:

Superposition of Waves: Linear Homogenous equations and the Superposition principal nonlinear superposition and consequences.

To calculate the bending moment of any point:WL/2 x X - WX x X/2W = WeightL = Length of beamX = distance

It is parabolic, or second order:M = q x squared/2An excellent software to view the profiles of Shear force & Bending moment diagrams.

according to bending stress because shear stress at neutral is 0 that is why shear force is maximum

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